How much it costs to big boobs shoot scenes? (part 2)

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Shooting adult content is not cheap and certainly not easy. This is the final instalment on the post where I share with you the cost of shooting content. Check out part 1 here.

So besides the model, location, flights, food, make-up artist and equipment there are additional expenses if you are a big company or wanna look like it. Personally I do say I am an amateur and I wanna keep things simple and the more casual possible. This is not only to save expenses, but because I wanna present more relaxed and natural content. Not only the usual tit playing, but also the model laughing and being able to be herself.

The Crew

So having said that, if you can’t manage to do it all you need a crew. Instead of having the mic attached to the camera, you might need a boom man. If you are shooting porn or doing a tit fondling and you do not want to leave the camera out there, you need a camera man. Each of these guys could cost you between $100 to $200.

Male actors

What if you wanna shoot hardcore? I tried to book certain busty new pornstars in 2019. The ones I have said I like the most. Most of the content would be solo or tit grabbing, but In one of the cases, the agent said he was gonna charge the boy/girl rate anyway…. so I am not complaining, but I had to fuck the girl LOL. However, flying the girl to Montreal was not an option as I am not a hardcore producer with many references. The condition the agent gave me was to fly the pornstar, but to hire the male actor who lives in my city and is his friend. The deal was called off as I was not paying $300 to $500 to a guy to fuck a girl in front of me – additionally to the $1,000 plus flight and hotel-. If I would have been a hardcore producer, hiring actors is something normal. but in my case which was going to be a specific scene, it did not make sense. However, if you wanna shoot porn and wanna hire actors, you know how much to add to the budget.


Also if you are shooting porn constantly you have to get tested every 15 days. Those test results go to a performers database. That is why when there is a case of a STD all producers and agents get an alert to pause any production until all performers who were in a scene with the performer who tested positive are cleared. The cost of the test -depending on the country- goes from $150 to $250. Which has to be taken and paid every $15 days.

Post production

Big companies have editing team. If you need a freelance guy to edit and add whatever you need on the video that person will charge you $250 for two simple videos.

The Freelance

This is another option, which is.. let’s says you do not want to deal with the girl, having a make-up artist, any production and you do not even want to fly. here are two options. or maybe three. First one, you know a guy who knows the models and is an experienced videographer. He will offer you to do your work for the modest amount of $700. However, he will shoot up to 4 videos in a day.

I have not taken that option for two reasons: One is that I do shoot content faster thus reduce the cost per video. The other option is because of PRIVATES. Privates are videos shot by websites or videographers that are not made to be available to the public. A private video fee charged to a loyal fan / collector goes from $500 to $1500 for a nude video. What happens is that when you pay the third party to shoot content, that third party has no big additional cost to shoot private for his contacts, meaning that you as a producer just paid for a video that someone is making th 100% profit from. This does not always happen, but I have heard stories.

Samanta Lily has became an experience content producer in her amazing own site

Watch Samanta Lily Dildo Titfuck


The second option of the freelance is hiring he model to do the video herself and license it to you. If you have checked the blog and the BoobsRealm Onlyfans that is what happened with the Rachel Aldanan video. Another third options is that freelance videographers shoots additional content when they are hired by companies. That additional content is then offered to other companies for purchase and licensing. I have gotten offers of videos of busty girls from other sites for around $400 each video.

Coming in Part 3

Part 3 will be short and sweet. However, having taken in consideration what was said before, still you wanna know how companies make profit and also what are other costs that arise – sometimes more often than not- that producers have to deal with.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Part 3 comes later this week.

If you like the busty girls I love please subscribe to the onlyfans. If you were wondering, I am earning what it would seem good money on the onlyfans, but despite thatI am breaking even.  I am positive that things will get better later in the year with more promotion. The BoobsRealm brand is known by the big boobs loversm, but still not very famous among casual fans. So there is room to grow. All profits are to be reinvested in hiring new models and getting more First-time manhandling videos.

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  1. You don’t make any money because you’re a perverted piece of shit. I’ve got first hand knowledge on why Tessa won’t shoot for you anymore. Fucking loser.

        1. You dont know shit. You got first hand info? From who? Just fyi unless you work for pinupfiles you have no inside info. So cut your ” I have info” shit. And FYI just talked to who I was arranging the shoot with Tessa and everything is perfect. so fuck off!
          You know no shit. You are a frustrated loser who can’t handle that others are doing what you would like to do. If I am fat or Cel is fat, great. Because maybe you are a fit athletic guy who sees how others live the life that you will never have.
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    1. Yes. She has a wonderful body and boobs are bigger in person. She is prettier in person too.
      I already have an interview with her on the onlyfans so this is her second video… there are more to come in the future

  2. This blog needs to be a password encrypted forum where Boobsrealm approves members and can ban them. Whilst it’s an open forum on the internet people can say whatever they like and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s free speech in the free world.

    1. Not sonething under my control right now. And due to travel restrictions I don’t see that shoot happening in 2020.
      Manhandling is not something that will necessarily happen if they shoot happens.

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