BoobsRealm Experience Episode 3 is up

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So finally the Episode that sparked all the complains is up. It was recorded over 15 days ago, but finally I managed to converted the audio. I forgot half of what I said int he episode. After this episode 99% of the times I won’t mention bad situations without a name, but you have to understand that even if I am right and I mention something bad it is a contingent issue. Why would I mention it, because some fans, which are not always the ones who post here but are some of the ones who e-mail, have to understand that things are not always perfect and contacting models is not heaven all the time. If you are about to say you already know that, you have to consider that there are a lot of fans who do not thing that way and what is obvious to you is not obvious to another person.

So for the previous post without the video here it is. The model I posted about and had her friend complained is not Alena Starr, the stories are about 2 different models, just not to be confused.

On more positive notes, Cel from XX-Cel confirmed he is available for the long-awaited interview this weekend! So please if you have questions for him, send them over.

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Also On Sunday a big announcement is coming!

And speaking of Announcement.. Addisson comes to Heavy on Hotties very soon!

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16 thoughts on “BoobsRealm Experience Episode 3 is up

    1. I know. I had a cold. And I noticed the breathing in the audio…. I’m not 100% fine but I will start to worry if I get the nasal thing fine and still have issues with the nose.

  1. What really happened to Lucie Wilde and her ex-boyfriend Argo? She had possibly a very lucrative career ahead of her, doing soft porn and webcam work but it seemed to be all and then nothing? The early stuff was bordering on abuse as she was so young. Really miss her near-perfect boobs and body – 0ne in ten million!

    1. Can’t believe Lucie has been gone for years now and Busty Bully website is still going ans Lucie never got a dime from that site.

      1. She got paid for the videos…. oh and they still owe me 200 bucks too.
        But believe It or not there are many guys who dont know her

          1. I heard her suitcase pimp burned thru the money. Bought a brand new Mercedes and got toasted and smashed it up a week after they got it.

  2. Really, 650K euros and it’s all gone!! Hard to believe she earned this kinda money

    What I find more amazing is that we have heard absolutely nothing about her in the last 12 months, especially in the world of social media, etc you think there would be some photos, news of her now.

    Did she really have a breast reduction or were this fabricated news and the wedding photo altered, just to stop the public hassling her?

    It would be interesting to hear from someone who knows her personally.

  3. my questions for cel. who was your favorite boobs you played with. favorite model. and how amazing was it to suck chloe vevriers boobs and merilyn sakovas! he is the luckiest man on earth. also years ago he was spotted on a expo video watching milena velba and nadine jansen live at a convention. has he had a chance to work with them but we dont know of it? any other models he worked with that are huge boob model stars that we never got a chance to see on his site?

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