BoobsRealm Experience Episode 2: British Glamour Models and Future of Podcast

The Episode 2 is up. I wanted to talk about some of the myths about British Glamour models and the money they make. I also wanted to let you know that starting Episode 4 the BoobsRealm Experience should be available on Youtube to reach a major audience and also try to monetize the podcast.

Note: The holly Micheals GIF is here for no reason. Just found it on my archives and wanted to share it =).

Going forward episodes will not be longer than 11 minutes. Episode 3 is coming very soon as I wanted to share with you the issues with hiring big boobs models for shoots and some stories about how nice it can be to work with some girls and also how weird it can result when meeting girls that have no idea how the business works or think they will become rich after one video.


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