Jenna Doll asking for a facial

Jenna Doll is one of my favorites. Her videos are the amongst the few the watch again and again.

I always was obsessed with watching her pretty face with cum on it. She was a cum dodger, but she got some sperm on that face. I know there are more videos of accidental cumshots to the face as well as the famous one by Rodney Moore, who always shot bigger loads, but on that time, Murphy’s Law came into play and he shot a small cum load. Check out the previous Jenna Doll Facials post.

My take on this one is that Jenna really enjoyed the pounding. She was thirsty and licked some of the cum on her tits…

On this one Jenna asked the guy to cum all over her face. Again, Murphy’s Law… the guy’s shot went to her tits and her tongue to then go down her chest…

And this one from big naturals. The guys laughed as some cum went accidentally to her chin. She was not happy about it, but facials in porn come with the job.

I wonder why she never did Scoreland. Her short career is memorable to this day after 10 years.

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