One Night Stands and Swingers

What is your position towards ONS and swingers? Yes different topics, but still both might not be accepted by some. I recently met somebody who was into the “lifestyle” and that person did not see herself in any other “vanilla”relationship. Most of the girls find guys on the interview. Yes, that actually happens. I was told to check out Uk Sex Contacts.

Most guys would be up for One Night Stands, but many girls will not only say they are against them, but would potentially blacklist a guy who used to have them. I am sure that fucking different girls each week on a weekly basis might be really nice for sex life and self-esteem, but also, as everything in life, when it gets repetitive it gets boring. Still there a world we could thing there is only in porn. However, there is a small group of guys and girls that really do not see themselves in monogamous relationships.

Taking it a step further, swingers do enjoy sharing their significant other with several men and women. Sometimes they just like to see their other half bang someone else before their eyes. Some other times, they just enjoy knowing that their partner is fucking somebody hot.

While many people practice this lifestyle I do not know if it is sustainable in the long run. A rule for swingers for sexual encounters is that there are no feelings attached towards the other person involved. However, when you have a new partner that becomes a regular, that seems to be hard to avoid.

Do you know people who are into swingers. Maybe models that are into orgies and swinger clubs. UK Contacts could be a good place to find them, as UK has uninhibited girls.

Would you allow your girl to fuck other guys? What if they ask you for permission but they would let you and bring you the likes of Tessa Fowler, Lucie Wilde or any other model you have fapped to many times.

Any British model? Would you cum on their faces while somebody cums on your girls face? Would it be to much for you?

Note: Photos are from random models to avoid any issue.

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