Anna Blaze is former Amateur Model Kitten69sdaddy aka QueenAnna420

While chatting with a loyal supporter of the blog he told me Anna Blaze looked familiar. He showed me a photo of Anna when she had pink hair and boom! Newest addition to the Scoreland roster is no other than former amateur Kitten69sdaddy.

Anna went by Kitten69sdaddy in 2016 when she was an amateur. She went later by Katherine Melody. I was in chat with er for a while as I wanted to help her become a topless model. A shot with Pinupfiles fell through thanks to her then boyfriend. She was then contacted by Yesboobs and no-showed a shoot. Anna liked BSDM and started shooting hard content with the guy who was her boyfriend and wanted to have him only for him. Anna was almost a virgin at that time, but as you can see, things escalated quickly.

Anna seems to have broken with the guy, who she planned to marry at that time, and moved to LA to embrace her porn career. I do know more of the real story as I spoke with her several times.I was against her porn career, but well, it was her choice.

Watch Anna Blaze’s 2016 Snapchat Takeover on BoobsRealm

Now Kitten69sdaddy rebranded herself as Anna. She joined Ideal Image models who always tend to get girls jobs for IR gangbangs and blowbangs. She also has a Manyvids

Anna has been banned from twitter (@QueenAnna420) for some controversial tweets. She has changed quite a bit from her Kitten69sdaddy to BrattyprincessAnna to Anna Blaze. here an evolution

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Anna is a very sweet girl with a very kinky side.Below a teaser of her upcoming scene



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