Katerina Hartlova to do Exclusive video and interview for BoobsRealm

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BoobsRealm.com will be meeting up with lovely legend Katerina Hartlova. My beloved Kathy has accepted doing the live interview. In addition she will be shooting an exclusive video for the fans of the blog.

I am not a pro-filmmaker, but I will do my best to offer you the best interview and a great solo video. Katerina is not doing hardcore unless it is with her husband. Also, while we talked about a very reasonable rate for a boy/girl with her husband, for this time it will be a solo video and an interview -which will contain nudity-.

I am covering the fees and hotel for this milestone in BoobsRealm.com’ history. My plan is to sell both videos and set of photos on Manyvids. This adventure will also show me if shooting own content would be a viable option.

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The tentative price per video is gonna average $15. I am assuming some of the expenses, but it would be really great if at least I could get at least 50 sales-considering that manyvids pays around 65%-.

I pitched the idea of doing the interview on webcam, but Katerina was not comfortable with how fans would be interacting and she was concerned about their demands on cam.

If this new BoobsRealm.com adventure is succesfull I would consider shooting a hardcore sccene with Katerina and her husand, different from what they have done in any other website. If the BoobsRealm’s manyvids store works well with this experiment, I will consider have collaborations with amateur models and famous girls for content different than that shot for other sites. BoobsRealm.com keeps good relationship with some of the girls. As an example, this is why Katerina has accepted this rare video interview.

On a side note, trying to take advantage of my visit to Czech Republic, I asked everyone about Lucie Wilde; however, nobody has been able to point out in the good direction.

So, would you purchase the exclusive Katerina interview and the solo video ?

What questions would you like me to ask Katerina?

For the moment Katerina Kozy has only done two interviews. The first one for BoobsRealm.com and the second one…

Watch Katerina at Woodman Casting

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24 Replies to “Katerina Hartlova to do Exclusive video and interview for BoobsRealm

  1. I would propably pay for the hardcore scene. What is the difference between your content and the content of other sites?

  2. Kudos for landing an interview with one of the legends of big natural boobs. She’s been modeling for about a decade and a half now, and yet she’s one of the few women who gets better and better with time. Her latest shoot for Daktari Lorenz was one of her best yet, as her breasts continue to grow larger with age and additional pregnancies. As for questions, perhaps you could ask her about her plans for the future — such as if she intends to shoot for any major companies (like Bangbros or NFBusty) again like she used to do before her pregnancy hiatus, and if she’ll be doing more lactation videos for Nadine-j. I think most visitors to this blog would love to see more of her, and if you do any videos with her, you should definitely see if she can still spray some milk from her breasts — she’s always been one of Daktari’s best models when it comes to lactating. Best of luck with your enterprise, and a tip of the hat for your good taste in women.

      1. Gross. Why don’t you have her whip up some rice pudding with it while you’re at it?

        Have you guys every thought about the root of your mental issues when you find lactation sexually arousing?

        1. Lol I’m not into lactating. But it is something people seem to like and pay a lot for. Have seen it for years. Let’s see what the videos results are… I do have am idea of what the interview will be… and the other will be a surprise that might incorporate lactating.. however it will be different.. we will break the 4th wall to make it very real

  3. Yeah, I would love to watch her tits lactating. And I would love drink her milk by myself. I know it is a fetish but so what?!? I love that stuff. And for the (hopefully coming) hardcore-scene: Some foot fetish would be fine. I have a footcfetish too

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