Maitland Ward Becomes a Pornstar

I did not know. Otherwise she would have been in Miss Boobs Realm 2018. She was in 2017, but anyways. Maitland Ward went full-fledged pornstar. She has a sex scene with Issiah Maxwel and several other videos where she sucks dick, gets fucked and swallows cum! Yes, do not forget about tit fucking.

I never watched Boy Meets World, but now I am going to Youtube to check her out when she was in the series. Redhead and busty Maitland Ward retired from the Hollywood lights and decided to make more money with her boobs. Just take a look at her Patreon where she has over 1k Patreons. The minimum monthly donation is 15 bucks, so I think she could care less about what anybody would think of her career choices. Other teen actresses are in no name off-Broadway plays or waiting tables in NY while trying to get an extra roll in a tv show. Maitland Ward used her name and her big naturals to get consistent decent amount of cash. And we love it!

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