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The news is that webcam mogul MyFreecams have purchased their rival company OnlyFans, who competed with them in the individual content sales. What would this mean to the OnlyFans models and fans as well as what could be the impact in the business model and the women using Onlyfans?

Note: Featured image is not from Onlyfans but is from Sensual Jane who is on Onlyfans =)

Onlyfans was started a couple of years ago as an alternative for models to sell their content without needing to create a website. The low-cost platform allowed Onlyfans to pay out a higher percentage that that paid in other companies such as Model Centro, Manyvids and Clips4sale and webcam sites such as Chaturbate,Streamate and of course Myfreecams.

Onlyfans also allowed models to earn money by referring other models, which created an interesting community of indy stars and amateurs that would be helping indirectly each other make money.

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On the other hand, the small operations that was Onlyfans had issues with banking transactions and entering some countries which limited access to certain models. Myfreecams, on the webcam sign is a huge company that has already reputation with banks and gets preferencial rates in payment processing which allows them to maximize their profit.

The question now is whether MyFreecams will integrate OnlyFans in a crosspromotion. Onlyfans is used by XXX amateurs and pornstars but it is also used by glamour models and even some mainstream actresses to sell content to their fans. Would this women migrate to other platform so they are not associated with MFC which is basically porn? Would Onlyfans include a webcam feature that would allow the likes of Bella Brewer, Beth Lily, Samanta Lily, Rachel Aldana and Sensual Jane webcam on onlyfans or MyFreecams?

Time will tell

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