Leah Gotti is born again Christian but shows off butt and does IR

Leah Gotti might be retired, but the young busty model seems to have followed the recipe of blaming porn and finding Christ. Leah showed up on a Christian Youtube channel speaking about how she joined the adult industry and saying that the is now getting on her knees  for Jesus -maybe Jesus is the black guy who impregnated her- lol.

The guy that runs the Christian show looks as legit as those magic healers on those cable channels. Leah, whose real name is Reagan, left the porn industry after being pregnant and having a baby. The fans that like IR might be happy as she always liked black cock and even married a black guy with whom she currently shares her life.

I cannot assure how real this is, but might be another of those Praise the Lord testimonies.

Yes a lot of girls have many troubled lives before getting into porn, but she cannot not say she was happy Praising the Load before.

Leah looks so fine! She was not that busty but had nice tits for that petite body. She was in Miss Boobs Realm 2016 and got a decent amount of votes.

Leah also has a new youtube channel where she still uses her porn name to attract viewers who can enjoy watching her hot ass,

Now let’s enjoy Leah Gotti as we always remember her. Below a link to her scene on PornFidelity and a video of Leah getting tittyfucked

Watch Leah Gotti on PornFidelity

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    1. Virtue signalers like you should have to pay the cost of your virtue signaling against racism by being forced to live in the blackest parts of Detroit.

  1. I’m learning from the Bernie 2020 fans posting on here that it is impermissible to mention race in any context. An exception exists for attacking “whiteness” though.

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