BREAKING NEWS: Stacy Vandenberg New Site for Scoreland

I guess many of you already know that one of the discoveries of the year Stacy Vandenberg has shot for Scoreland.

Heavenly Stacy Vandenberg has done her official Scoreland debut launching an official site I would say she is a Christmas present, but I do not know what Score has for us for the Holiday season. What I can guess is that Stacy Vanderberg’s pussy is not coming. I know that Stacy is not gonna lose her panties. She has even rebranded herself under another name for Instagram.

I didn’t know she was only 5’2 and is a JJ cup! Amazing!

I have to say the make-up is not the best, but her cute face and those mega melons make it up for anything.

Scoreland has taken a lot of photos and videos of Stacy because everybody knows Stacy is money. Plus her asking fee was so high that it only made sense to create a website for her. Is Stacy Vandenberg the future of big boobs topless modeling?

Clicking on the link below will not only give you access to Stacy’s brand new site. It will also give you access to 37 websites with tons of big boobs models and pornstars.

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