Angel Princess First Hardcore, Discover who is pregnant

Remember busty debutante Angel Princess? She has shot her first hardcore scenes and i twill come up soon. Also discover who was the busty girl pregnant I was talking about.

We all got excited about Angel Princess. I really thought she could be the next Viola Baileys. Well I am not that far off. She shot her first hardcore for DDF. This scene will come out soon. However, she is pulling a Viola Baileys as she shoots hardcore only with her boyfriend. Another promising young star prevents her career to advance further thanks to a boyfriend. Would not be the 1st time; hell, not even the 10000th time.

You can follow Angel Princess on twitter @AngelPrinc3ss00.

What matters for now is that we will watch her with a cock pretty soon. Below the preview.

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You speculated a lot about who was our busty beloved model who got pregnant.News broke today officially so I am now able to post what I already knew directly from the source. My beloved Katerina Hartlova is pregnant again. She is only shooting for Nadine’s site. Unfortunately for us she will be off the radar for a while. HoweverKaty loves very cute with that belly. Probably the cutest pregnant busty girl ever.

I will say this. Katerina is the most beautiful pornstar out there. However, her career did not take the best turns in her early days. Other wise we would have seen her in the same spot Angela White is in terms of exposure and mainstream porn.

4 thoughts on “Angel Princess First Hardcore, Discover who is pregnant

  1. Only with Nadine at this time or only with Nadine for all of it? Would love to see some more involved sex scenes like last time

  2. Katerina’s career could have been massive (much more then it is) if she was not saddled with only working with her suitcase pimp/Husband.

  3. Shame to hear about Katerina, who has always been one of my absolute favorites. I know some folks are into the whole pregnancy fetish, but it’s not the least bit appealing to me in a model. Granted, she (her body) was able to bounce back after #1, but I’m not sure I see it happening this time around 🙁

  4. So glad to hear Katarina is pregnant. Yes her career could have been better managed. Have to say her bukkake with Putalocura is one of my favorite bukkakes of all time and I wish more busty stars did that including Angela (sidenote: ANgela has done it, but her stuff is facial focused while Katarina had a face to body treatment).
    Katarina has the hottest lesbian lactating scenes with Nadine, Milena, Hitomi, and my favorite with Luna Amor. For you anti-pregnant critics, i recomend these scenes that take place after her pregnancy. Her body and engorged tits look amazing. Prego scenes can be hot but I prefer post-pregnancy scenes with a regular non-baby body and lactating tits. I look forward to a second round of lactating scenes after her pregnancy again hopefully this time with more boy girl.

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