Cryptic message… Nobody’s girlfriend

I took a hiatus a while ago. The hiatus is over. I can’t say things are better but they are what they should be. Below a cryptic message.And far below a porn video featuring Bozena.

The videoalong this article have nothing to do with the story. However, I know you like boobs.

I may open up in a while about the whole story. Thanks for the support.

Nobody’s girlfriend

And she knows what she feels, aromas of other people
With what she is wearing she is going
A couple of rags nothing more
You know it’s enough, it will not be permanent

Enters a taxi cab and she leaves
Where  maybe someone else waits for her
Someone who today will not only dream …
Who does not know Does not know
“Nobody’s girlfriend” goes there
Already the light is going to light
Velvet on the skin
She caresses her legs, she knows she is a queen
Does not stop to pick up
Will do more at the hotel
Before dawn, she will come out that door I know
Cups come and go
Kisses that taste like salt,
Eyes that will never see her again
Let the night end
If she wakes up, better
What is the use of dreaming if the pain does not end?
Who does not know Does not know
“Nobody’s girlfriend” goes there

Thanks for supporting the blog. Below a treat. Legendary Bozena hardcore who is also the busty lady on the featured image of this article and is unrelated to the story. But has great tits, too!

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