Wendi Fiore sex tape leaked?

A rumor that a Wendi Fiore sex tape has been leaked is circulating online. The tape was posted online a day ago. Fans have opposite opinions on whether the woman on the tape is the famous tease model or not.

The video does not show the face. Many fans claim that the boobs of the girl that appears on the tape are not as huge as those of Wendi. However, maybe the position of the girl and angle of the camera do not show the huge tatas in their real dimension.

Some fans claim that the shape of what we can see from her face match that of Wendi. However, as there is no real evidence we can just say that this is a rumor and the girl on the video is not Wendi Fiore.

What fueled speculation about this tape was a messaged posted on Instagram by the bra buster herself stating something like “those who used to love you are the ones that become your biggest enemies” or something along that line. This could be referred to any other thing, but some fans used it to feed the rumors.

Below you can watch the video. Whether the girl on it is Wendi or not, we can’t assure it. However, I know that the tits are great and it will still serve you as decent fapping material. Enjoy!

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