Lucie Wilde candids and BoobsRealm podcast news

We all miss Lucie Wilde. On this post you will find some exclusive candid pics. Also I wanna share with you the upcoming launch of the BoobsRealm podcast.

We all miss Lucie Wilde. The people’s Miss Boobs Realm is a housewife who takes care of her little girl. Her boobs are huge. As she gave birth at an early age, her body has not suffered from any effect from pregnancy. Her boobs might be a bit bigger too.

Our friends from Macromastia -formerly Tetas Enormes- got some exclusive photos of Lucie Wilde. Enjoy below the photos.

However, before getting to Lucie’s pics I wanna share with you the upcoming launch of the BoobsRealm podcast. Yes, I am not only back with the blog but I will finally start the podcast.

The BoobsRealm podcast will feature big boobs news and rumors; I will also talk about some behind the scenes stories that can be said. I will also comment on instagram babes and the share my thoughts and yours on certain models. Besides that I will talk about big boobs in our daily lives… It could be at work, partying, friends, dating. Believe it or not we may be able to create something special.

I plan the length of each podcast episode to be between 10 to 15 minutes. Below are some of the topics to be talked about in the first 10 episodes:

  • Boobs Realm story, what models have been friendly to boobs realm, Lucie Wilde career, pornstars and models escorting, who would you choose for a wild weekend, instagram babes, tips to fuck Sugar Babies for free, big boobs anecdotes, boobs at work.

I will be buying some equipment soon and also start a Patreaon account in case somebody wants to support the project. The BoobsRealm Podcast will start before the end of February. Who knows, maybe it picks up and becomes a show like the Joe Rogan Experience and I can get enough revenue to actually interview the models and get them to drink and talk about all the sexy stuff they are shy to share =).

What do you think? Now enjoy Lucie Wilde candids

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Love this girl!

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