Paris Knight Fucked after Surviving The Hurricane Irma

Bangbros guys never miss a day of work, They found busty Paris Knight on the streets of Miami while checking out Hurricane Irma’s devastating effects. They ended up giving Paris Knight a hurricane in her pussy!

The guys from Bangbros were stuck indoors due to Hurricane Irma. After all the danger and chaos passed they decided to go outside to check out the city and document the damage. They found busty blonde Paris Knight looking for water. The bangbros guys offered their unconditional help and let her in the van.

Paris would have the surprise of her life. She got fucked and cummed on. It seems nothing is for free. The bangbros guys offered her money in exchange of sex. The scene ends as any other Bangbros scene where the guys drop off the brand new slut and then runaway with the money leaving the girl half-naked on the street.

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