Lana Kendrick Boobs Grow, Shoot with Jelena Jensen, Website Revamp

lana kendrick bigger boobs

Gorgeous tall busty model Lana Kendrick is back! She is shooting new content and her website has been revamped.  The greater news is that her boobs are growing! Yes she has bigger breast than before.. so behold!

Lana Kendrick also has another surprise for us. She released behind the scenes photos of her dual shoot with Jelena Jensen. We will get to see not only these two hotties naked hanging around together, but Jelena will be sucking Lana Kendrick’s boobs! Now that is a great way to revamp her site too!

lana kendrick new 2017

Below some new photos. When I just saw her recent pics I thought she was pregnant as she had way bigger huge boobs! But no, Lana’s big boobs growth is natural. Please never stop!

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6 Replies to “Lana Kendrick Boobs Grow, Shoot with Jelena Jensen, Website Revamp

  1. Her boobs aren’t the only area experiencing expansion. She had better back away from the buffet and start working out or she is going to lose her competitive edge and become just another bbw. She used to be smoking when she was toned and titted.

    1. and if she becomes another bbw, I personally will enjoy the experience of seeing her grow and transform, just as with Lucy Collet. What matters is that she stays healthy.
      I can already imagine it in her next videos overflowing bras and bouncing her brand new fat. (needless to say that I support the bbw phenomenon)

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