Meet the Mayweather – McGregor Ring girls

The fight is hours away. Everybody is talking about Mayweather vs McGregor. However, the eyes will also be on the 4 beautiful ring girls whose life may change after tonight. Meet Kyra Keli, Tawny Jordan, Jessica Harbour and Samantha Kumiko.

The first Corona Girl is Kyra Keli who is also an actress and choreographer. She might not be busty but still has a nice body. @Kyrakeli

Time to meet Tawny Jordan,who is more bosomy andsmoking hot, @tawnyjordan. She is the girl on the featured image of this post.

Jessica Harbour is the blonde bombshell of the group. While not busty at all, she is the most gorgeous one.

Finally busty Samantha Kumiko. Looks like she would do just fine in porn.

Answer the following questions on the comments section:

  1. Who wins Mayweather or McGregor? Or what is your take on the result?
  2. More importantly, who is your favorite ring girl?

My answers: 1. Mayweather, but I would like McGregor to win. 2. Tawny Jordan is the hottest one.

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