Japanese Sex Games and Kirsten Dunst Turning Japanese

I have no idea if these Japanese Sex Shows are actually real TV shows or it is  porn company shooting them to get online exposure. Anyways, they look real. Take a look at the Boob Game and also the Fuck Game. Speaking of Japan Sex, why don’t we take a look at a FAIL music video starring lovely Kirsten Dunst singing “Turning Japanese”.

Let’s be honest, those girls didn’t seem to have big tatas when they had clothes on. Enjoy!

Just imagine being part of this games and being able to fuck Hitomi Tanaka, anri Okita or Julia… YES! YES! YES!

If I find out this is real, I’ll let you know how to sign up for this game!

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This one seems to be the Japanese version of the Czech Sensation “Czech Fantasy”

Watch Czech Fantasy

A girl I would love to see fucked on these Japanese sex games is Kirsten Dunst. It seems that the crisis reached the former Hollywood star. She recorded a music video titled “Turning Japanese”. I have no idea what her intentions were,  but either she lost a bet or she did it to contribute with fapping material to the Anime lovers and Geeky fans.

Did you ended up wondering “what did I just watched?” when finished the Kirsten Dunst video?


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