Bust Ilana and Ariel would do photoshoots for Boobsrealm

Ilana Big Naturals
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  1. egg says:

    i would pay for a busty ariel hardcore vid for sure

  2. burt says:

    unless it’s hardcore I’m not interested

  3. Chris says:

    No hardcore no cash, if they want money for nudes take them to a pussy site like pinup or milena whatever dot com

  4. Jorge says:

    Would pay for custom material. For example, having her pose in a supplied dress or jewelry. If we are putting in a collective effort, I’d like to see most of her maybe disguising her face with a Venetian mask.

  5. GC says:

    Man this site has really dried up. Generally if you want traffic here you should make regular posts.

  6. lion says:

    Given the very unreliable nature of updates, I think asking for money is very ballsy to say the least.

  7. TJH says:

    Has big tit news been slow lately?

  8. wade nicholls says:

    What’s happened to this website?

    It used to to be fun and regularly updated with great new girls and news.

    Now it seems to want to be something else, either a porn producing site,( no one is interested in paying for for soft core bitches) or more bizarrely a tits/politics site.

    Get back with the programme site owner please!

    Otherwise can anyone recommend me a site similar to how this was in its hey day?

    1. Chuck says: still updates several times a day

      1. Chris says:

        Off to, thanks Chuck

        1. Alex Ds boobs are bigger says:

          same. thanks indeed.

          1. GC says:

            Yeah this site seems to be D.O.A.

      2. Jason says:

        Primecurves updates daily as well, they been adding way more videos lately too.

  9. wade nicholls says:

    Tell these girls thanks but no thanks.. if they are too shy to show their faces yet still expect paid then they are living in a dream world.

    Get back to what you were good at doing Mr Boobsrealm, unless you can talk some retired big tit legend into doing sets with you or get some softcore girls to go hardcore then you will make zilch / zero / nada from porn

  10. Wes says:

    No way. To echo the sentiment of others, I believe this site should return to its core competency of frequent, interesting posts about major players in the field and rising talent. Venturing off into attempting to produce in-house material seems counterproductive.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      Il be back soon. Need to fix some technical issues. Good news on the horizon!

      1. Wes says:

        That’s good to hear.

  11. Leo_Wanker says:

    It seems ironic to me that a site which frequently shows other sites content which I doubt they pay for, is asking for money from the people that come to his site so they can shoot their own original content. Mate, that is some big balls you got there. Just calm down and go back to what you do best, bringing us the latest news and pics from the big boob world.
    Leave the content production to those you “borrow” your content from. Unreal…..

    1. Telzzz says:

      To be fair to boobsrealm much of the content on this site is supplied for promotional purposes from the companies producing the images or videos. Go on any big boob site and you will notice much of the content is the same. It all comes from the same place’s and is made to be used in the fashion boobsrealm does.

      These companies aren’t giving the content out of the goodness of their heart either. They make a shit load when people like what they see here and sign up to their site to see the real good stuff.

      Boobsrealm is saying the content he would shoot will be exclusive to this site So it’s not like his asking for money to later sell the content on. Lets put it this way, Pinupfiles can afford to pay Leanne Crow for shoots because of the money they make from their memberships. Do you pay a fee to come on boobsrealm, no! So asking if fans would like these models to shoot and if we would be willing to contribute isn’t a piss take.

    2. Jason says:

      Get a fucking job you lazy bum. No money = no updates. How do you think people pay for websites? With bitcoins? Jesus christ you nerds are the worst. Ask for the world and refuse to pay for it, no wonder you are either single or unhappily married cuz your wife cheats on your cheap ass. Sad shit mate.

      1. Telzzz says:

        You brought up a good point Jason. People nowadays seem to think they are privilege to free porn since the porn tubes came along. They will have something to moan about when there isn’t hardly any original content about because anyone who isn’t score or the like can’t afford to make it.

        As a webmaster myself I can tell you the whole relationship between tubes, pay sites and porn viewers is toxic right now but I won’t get into that.

        I just liked the fact you aren’t one of the people here jumping on boobsrealm and understand just because this is the internet it doesn’t mean you get everything for free.

  12. Brandy Mia says:

    Amazing tits, she has an incredible body

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