Tessa Fowler Bed and Boots new photoshoot

Tessa-Fowler Bed And Boots Set

Tessa Fowler changed her looks for the latest photoshoot  called Bed and Boots on her Official Site.

Tessa Fowler is back on her site with Bed and Boots, but I should call this set Bed, Boots and Boobs. Her body looks amazing. Her tits are huge. Tessa might be the solo model that turns me on the most. Her topless work is the hottest out there. In this opportunity Tessa dyed her hair and took her clothes off leaving her panties and boots to show us her bed.  As always, impressive rack by Tessa. You can’t go wrong with her big heavy tits and her perfectly-shaped body.

What do you think about Tessa, voted Miss Boobs realm 2016, which means the best busty girl of the year. What kind of shoots or what wardrobe would you like her to wear on her next shoots?

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16 Replies to “Tessa Fowler Bed and Boots new photoshoot

    1. No the big surprise is not this one. The surprise has not been prepared tho. So it may be posted probably by the summer.

  1. tessa’s hair looks like shit here. and her new ugly tattoo was surely influenced by the fat whale that is Leanne (I never say no to seconds) Crow.

      1. I calls it like I sees it. I’ve never said anything bad about tessa other then her being pretty fucking clueless to say she would consider porn only if she were offered a million dollars. lol. Her hair does look shitty here compared to how she normally looks. Not a fan of the tat. but i don’t have a problem with that. it’s just the hair.

  2. Did she always have that trampstamp? Her boobs are starting to look oddly misshapen. I used to like her. She looks awful now.

  3. Tessa is the best and continues to be that. Its important for a model to change the look from time to time. keeps things fresh and adds a lot of character. I really think the tat is fine, shes had it for a long time now at least a few years. You guys could never get Tessa in a million years with that attitude nor get any woman with your shitty judgement. Tessa is the pin up champ and any new look she makes I am in full support! As for calling Leanne a fat Whale, you should be banned. You don’t know jack shit!

  4. Have to agree…tattoos never help they only take away. Luckily it’s a small tattoo. And her hair…..looks like a soccer mom. Yuck.

    Love Tessa. Hate the hair.

  5. Bangs are out! Tessa’s Boobs are in!
    Tessa, like many girls don’t do as good a job at maximizing there beauty when they are at their peak. If Tessa ever does porn, she needs to do it now while everything on her is still at it’s best. If she ends up doing porn 10 years from now when she’s way past her prime she won’t get the financial reward and it would be the typical, has been hot model got fat and lost their looks and tried to capitalize on their past notoriety. So hopefully if Tessa does do porn it will be soon or not at all.
    Tessa is a rare hottie and has the cute and sexy thing going on, but definitely needs to get out of the bang look asap!

  6. The two Tattoos visible in those shots as pointed out by boobgeek have been there for years.

    So She dyes her hair for one or two photo shoots big deal.

    You guys rubbish her for old Tattoos and new hair style but fail to notice her new NOSE RING, not very observant.

    She is still the best and with her bright fun personality and humor, she continues to be a favorite for most big boob lovers.

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