Top 5 Hot Conservative Youtube Babes: Tomi Lahren, Millenial Millie, Lauren Southern, Dom

Whether you are in favour or against the current USA regime is irrelevant fort this post. However, have you noticed that the hottest girls are on the conservative side? I mean the liberals have a lot of fat, grumpy, sweaty feminist and wasted celebrities, whereas the conservatives are represented by these hot and articulated women. Unfortunately, there are not many big boobs overall. However Millennial Millie takes the Big Boobs award here. Take a look at the Top 5 Hot Conservative Youtube Babes: Tomi Lahren, Millenial Millie, Yael Farache,  Lauren Southern and  Dom The Conservative.

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My favorite Millenial Millie Weaver. Doesn’t she remind you a bit of my beloved Katerina Hartlova?

Millennial Millie is the on-screen persona portrayed by Millie Weaver. This hot blonde MILF took a 180 when she left acting and modeling to become an Infowars reporter. Millennial Millie is smart, articulated, beautiful, busty, follows logic and other characteristics that are contrary to those attributed to feminist and #libtards millennials. Millie has replaced Lee Ann McAdoo as the Queen of Infowars and has become a key player in making Infowars more relevant. Let’s be honest, who would watch a show where Alex Jones screams like a mad man, when you can have lovely Millennial Millie who even looks adorable when she becomes SJW Ginger Snatch.

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Lauren Southern seems to be the voice of the reason in Canada. However, she is also the poster boy of modern Conservatism. Yes, you read it right “boy”. Lauren Southern does not have a dick, but she legally changed her gender to male to demonstrate the non-sense laws are becoming following liberal agendas.

Yael Farache is a hot latina with a banging body. She speaks english and spanish. She is not only a Trump supporter, but she has expressed her feelings against feminism and other “progressive ideas”. The video below shows us she has TWO POWERFUL REASONS to watch her.

Tomi Lahren seems to be taken out of a high-school tv show where she would play the evil cheerleader. However, Tomi is wway older than that and is more than just a hot blonde. I think Tomi still needs to work on her approach. While she makes many valid points she sounds to angry at times and that may take away some interest. Tomi Lahren’s fame is rising and she may probably become the male version of Ben Shapiro in the next few years.

Dom The Conservative is the least known of the group. However, she is stunning. Pale skin and raven-haired. Dom is gaining a lot of fans. What do you think of hot Dom?

Who is your favorite girl on this post?


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