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Tessa Fowler on Fishnets, Leanne Crow BoobsRealm, #MissBoobsRealm2017 Legend

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  1. Alex Ds boobs are bigger says:

    Tessa really needs to do her own thing. And come back to MFC or do her own cam from a new site. PUF sucks so, so much. Shame some of the greats they have are going to waste for that shit company.

    1. GC says:

      Some of the cam companies are just way too greedy like cam models, streammate, pornstars4cam (they appear to all be 1 company and get $9 a minute) and the rates are outrageous. MFCs and camsoda are a little better rate wise with tokens.

      1. Hessian says:

        There are many many whitelabels of a certain few cam sites, yes. Though if you’re seeing $9 a minute on streamate then you need to know that it’s the model (or her handlers) setting that price. I’ve seen price ranges anywhere from $2 to $9+ a minute.
        MFC is a great site for camming but they are one of the more expensive ones out there if you use private shows as an example, do the math.

        1. Boobsrealm says:

          yes. actually pornstars4cam is a streamate whitelabel. I wish I had a site like that as they are making a % of what new signups pay. That’s why I launched bestboobscams.com but it has not picked up much

  2. engadron says:

    Leanne Crow boobs are trademarked

  3. I always wanna see Yulia in a hardcore scene

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