Gianna Michaels on Webcam, Gay cam boy Death Threats performers at AVN

For those missing Gianna Michaels, she is on webcam on camsoda. A gay-bisexual scum have threatened several performers and hinted he would show up at the AVN/Aexpo and kill them. Please pay attention to this situation. I hope he is just a freaking troll.

Let’s start in a positive note. Gianna Michaels has been a regular at conventions and events, but was occasionally webcamming for camsoda. I knew this months ago, but did not pay attention as camsoda is not a webcam I like. However, news is picking up. I think it is a good moment to share with you that Gianna will do a camshow today on

Gianna Michaels will also be at the AVN’s at the camsoda booth.


Please leave a comment on the comment section: Would you join Camsoda to chat with Gianna Michaels? Should I start featuring Camsoda pornstars and cam girls? Are you excited about this?

Just to clear up, this is only Gianna Michaels returning to making money, but that does not mean she will shoot porn content again. I think there is a 50/50 chance. Why?  think she is in another stage of her life. I heard she got married, so that changes things.

gianna michaels webcam

Now let’s talk about this gay cam model who started threatening cam girls on December. I think it all started when some models rejected offers to shoot with him. As he is in Las Vegas and is an Uber driver, this sick guy said he would be taking the girls to the Hard Rock Hotel -where the Aexpo takes place from Jan 19 to Jan 21- when they call for Uber. Many cam girls and pornstars reported him to Uber, the police station and the FBI.  Even Jenna Ross tweeted about it. So if you are at the Hard Rock Hotel and spot this guy, please call the FBI, 911 or the local police.

The guy goes by “Julien The Entertainer” and used to cam on Chaturbate. He deleted his twitter account and his CB account was terminated.


8 Replies to “Gianna Michaels on Webcam, Gay cam boy Death Threats performers at AVN

  1. Gianna is still escorting – just saw an ad for her near my town a few weeks back – so a return to porn may not be out of the realm of possibility.

    1. Doing boy/girl is something else for many girls. There are many solo models that escort, but will never do boy/girl on camera. Don’t ask me why.. it is the reality… and I can’t name the names, but I’m stating a fact

      1. Its simple… escort and its UTR. Do it on camera for a site and its on the internet forever. For years many Playboy playmates and Penthouse Pets escorted but would never do b/g porn on camera for fear their loved ones would find out.

      2. I also found this as an interesting irony. Given all the precautions and testing they do in porn, you’d think it was a million times safer. but on the other hand, escorting pays more and for the most part, the “action” isn’t filmed so it’s 100% intimate……..most of time……….

    2. There is no money in porn anymore. The girls do porn to get a name and then escort or do cam shows. Shione Cooper and Sensual Jane are retired from porn but still listed as escorts on sites.

      1. Only 10% of pornstars make good money, but only 1% can enough money so they don’t have to do anything else in their lives. This includes cam girls and nude models. Porn is used as a trampoline now. However, may people still think that there is a lot of money in porn. There is, if there is a good business plan and good management. It is rarely the case.

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