Rant on Mobile Strike feminism featuring Emilie Peer, Unfamous Evalion Masturbates

Time to rant about whatever the hell Mobile Strike is trying to shove down our throats. Good thing that they feature Emilie Peer. Also meet the unfamous Evalion. She was considered “Hitler’s Daughter” due to her anti-semite politics. For all the pervs out there, watch her masturbate.

I watched this video on Facebook. What the hell did I just watch. Is this serious? First, the only attractive girl was Emilie Peer, who is the blonde on the camouflage outfit. The others are cute face BBW, but I think they are too heavy. What is this commercial trying to accomplish? Is it pushing the feminist agenda that girls and guys can do the same task? Because the newsflash is, they can’t. As also guys are not good at organizing things or focusing on many different things at once. We are different. Look at that crappy Ghostbusters. I love Kate McKinnon, but those strong female characters are not real female characters. They come up as tomboys. Not every girl is a tomboy. There is nothing wrong with that.


So basically this commercial sends many messages:

  1. Be fat. It is ok to be fat. Truth of the matter is, it isn’t. We should not bully anybody die to his/her weight, but losing weight is healthy. Nowadays media is trying to attack fit people. Hey I need to lose some weight weight, why do I have to be happy being overweight? I have to be confident and have self-esteem, but I do also need to think about the consequences of my overweight.
  2. Women are good Commander in chiefs: Hmm Nope. There are some women who for sure may be good. But let’s be honest, men can’t understand women. Women can’t understand each other.
  3. What’s the point of the commercial?

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I found that there are some famous “plus size” models there. Some comments on FB stated that that is how women have to look like… Hmmm. Next. The one girl I found attractive is Emilie Peer, who I’m giving a shoutout here. I did not find much about her, but I guess most of you will like her. Maybe you like the other girls. They are not ugly, but I’m not a fan of girls that heavy.

emilee peer -hot emilee peer busty

Evalion, 20, is a Canadian young girl who went viral some months ago. She is one of the most Anti-Jews youtubers out there. Her claim to fame was when she sang Happy Birthday to Hitler and posted a video on “How to Spot a Jew”. Hr youtube channel has been canceled many times and she has gotten harassed in public. She is what the mainstream media considers a “White Supremacist”; however, she explains more her stance as a “fight against Whites Opresion”. Say what you will. You can agree or disagree with her, but cancelling her social accounts and attacking her demonstrates that those – in the left- that claim for tolerance are just as intolerant as the ones they despise.

Why I post this. Because I see the writing in the wall here. I do believe that there is a Propaganda long-term program that is giving minorities everything they want by oppressing who they want to perceive as evil. Here me out here:

  • Everybody blames the ones who have money. Everybody blames Wall Street. Is Wall Street evil? No. However, there are certain groups that control the economy that are. But now everybody blames Wall Street without even giving it a thought.
  • BlackLivesMatter has allowed gang members to abuse their “social disadvantage” to abuse whites and get away with it. If a white responds, that is racist. Hellooo! All races matter.
  • Feminist have gotten quotas for unqualified workers, regardless of their credentials at the expense of hard-working men.
  • A video that featured 2 young arab punks went viral last week after they were kicked out of a Delta Airlines plane. They claimed they were only speaking arab. Everybody attacked Delta. Other passengers tweeted that the video was staged and the kids were kicked out for being unpolite and annoying to other passengers and started speaking arab when they found out they were gonna be kicked out. However, no ass-clown SJW cared to RT it and no “credible” news outlet featured that side of the story.

What comes next and why this rant?

  • In Canada, Hooters can’t hire only busty girls, because it is considered discrimination against girls with smaller boobs. Fuck it! Do I feel discriminated for not playing for the Toronto sucker? – I mean raptors-. No!!!!
  • On instagram many flat-chested girls, fat girls and ugly girls report accounts of busty girls and hot fitness babes. Probably these whiners feel offended when people like the pretty girls pics instead of theirs.
  • I foresee we will reach a point where a blog like BoobsRealm will be called out for “discriminating” smaller boobs girls. There are many SJW vilified our taste for bosomy girls. Hell, there have been a couple of “models” that have called me out publicly for not posting fat girls and not giving “equal promotion” to BBW as I give it to slimmer, bustier girls. Come on. I do feature some BBW girls, but I feature the ones I think are attractive or a vast majority of fans will like. Period.

Note: One of the quotes that I always keep in mind comes from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” which features the rebellion of the oppressed animals against the evil humans. After the rebellion, pigs take control of the farm and become more abusive than the humans were. The animals used to look for equality, freedom and discrimination-free. The only Commandment left at the end of the story was “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others“.

Now going back to Evalion. I think that this girl has some attention issues. The way her eyes look at the camera seems to be like she is either on meds or she is playing a character. Why would she masturbate with a huge dildo -even inserting it in her ass- if she is trying to state a “serious point”

Watch Evalion insert a huge dildo. You did nazi it cumming!

Evalion Nude

evalion naked

37 Replies to “Rant on Mobile Strike feminism featuring Emilie Peer, Unfamous Evalion Masturbates

  1. You’ve made it abundantly clear that you don’t understand what feminism means or, as a movement, is about. Please stop using your awful and gaudy website as a public forum to humiliate yourself with poorly-lettered, non-sensical arguments. Stick to what you do best: posting pictures of women with large breasts and (I assume) flipping burgers.

    1. I guess you don’t understand feminism either and obviously you don’t know me. I take the grammar mistakes as English is not my first language. HOwever, nah I don’t know about flipping burgers. I only have a post-graduate in Finance, reported to eh Security Exchange Commission some billion dollar companies info and have done other stuff I don’t care to share with you.
      BTW I’m working on featured film. And we are told to include certain characters of certain races. Why the hell a “creator”, “writer”, “advertiser” has to be told how a character has to look like to satisfy people. Freedom of expression is being taken out.

  2. Hey black lives matter movement isn’t saying were more important, it’s saying were are tired of dying at the hands of law enforcement in disproportionate numbers. We’re tired of making up 11% of the national population but 37% of the prison population. Just because a couple people of a ethnicity or religion want to act out it doesn’t make these problems any less real, or worth addressing. OK great two kids speaking Arabic acted out and we’re booted fromy a plan. Gee we should judge all of them off their actions. Lastly why can’t a fat girl be pretty? You’ve posted on quite a few…

    1. “We’re tired of making up 11% of the national population but 37% of the prison population.”

      I’m tired of it, too. Stop committing so much crime IMO.

      1. It is not his fault. I do think there are unfortunately lots of stereotypes. And he may be a decent person, but others aren’t and those give them bad reputation. Unfortunately, all these movements are dividing people more than uniting them.
        BTW, nobody commented on Evalion?

      2. Well 85% of black households are single moms. In essence black men don’t mind nailing bitches/hoes but they don’t step up and take ownership of the situation when they make a baby. This leads to households of single moms trying to be mother, father, as well as manage a household and work to put food on the table. Thats a lot for a single parent to manage. This cycle just keeps repeating itself over and over. That has to change.

        1. I am a single black father, not on welfare no criminal record. We exist we are real. It’s the same statistic for whites too…

          1. I agree that there should not be generalization of stereotypes. And I hope nobody sees it that way. My point is that there are people taking advantage of the movement. I did not say ALL act the same.

    2. The problem is that many people take advantage of BLW. Unfortunately, some black people do take advanatage. Hey I’m part of “minority” here in Canada, but I don”t blame others or take advantage of being a part of minority. I’m not saying everybody takes advantage, but that some do

    3. There are many fat girls that are really hot. However, mainstream media are pushing some “images” to people.
      Referring ” a couple of preople…” quote. I agree with you, but the problem is that people are taking advantage of that “witch hunt mentality” Delta was bashed for those kids. People shared that video. How much money does it cost to Delta. Those guys had their 15 minutes of fame. Nobody ever bothered to check if it was staged or real, but they damaged Delta and fed the “witch hunt. steorype

    1. You will have more boobs posts throughout the year. This was one. Oh and there is a very controversial interview coming next week. Aside from those.. Big boobs for everyone

  3. Some very well put points my friend. A lot of the things you spoke about could have come out of my own mouth. The way things are going is concerning that’s for sure!

    Have you ever read a comment before and pictured the person who wrote it? That first comment to this post is giving off female vibes to me. Wears glasses. She has either green or pink dyed hair (badly dyed) . Is built quite… well she’s fat. The reason she ended her comment with “flipping burgers” is because she can’t go more than 3 sentences before food enters her head.

    There’s more I could say but really can’t be bothered entertaining such awful and ghastly people.

    1. I do not judge people. I do understand this post was gonna irk some. But I’m truly concerned as how this “political correctness” is getting more annoying.

      1. A few days ago here in Brazil, a man wrote a passionate letter full of conservadorism, bashing feminism, the left, that women, are a bunch of whores, custody issues, and everything else a frustated straight male would rant about. Then he went to his ex wife in new years eve, killed 12 members of her family, including his own son. The thing is that his letter is being applauded by a lot of people. And lots of men are relativizing his crime, and puting the blame in the wife (always blame the victim ). Like the fact he did a massacre was not clue enough that he didnt deserve the custody of his son (that he got charges of molesting, btw). The case is hideous, but the support he is getting is even worse.
        So I thing political correctness is no getting annoying enough.

  4. Very good points, which I see many people have totally taken them out of context, based on their ignorant posts to them. And like all things that the left support, they get bent out of shape, and then make exaggerated accusations of you being racist, intolerant, etc… The bottom line is that the truth hurts, and many people don’t want to hear, or read, it… Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. A few days ago here in Brazil, a man wrote a passionate letter full of conservadorism, bashing feminism, the left, that women, are a bunch of whores, custody issues, and everything else a frustated straight male would rant about. Then he went to his ex wife in new years eve, killed 12 members of her family, including his own son. The thing is that his letter is being applauded by a lot of people. And lots of men are relativizing his crime, and puting the blame in the wife (always blame the victim ). Like the fact he did a massacre was not clue enough that he didnt deserve the custody of his son (that he got charges of molesting, btw). The case is hideous, but the support he is getting is even worse.
    So I thing political correctness is no getting annoying enough.

    1. I’m sorry I don’t see the correlation of that man’s story and this article. In general, the lack of education will make people support every/any kind of “separatist” behaviour regardless of if there is a reasoning behind it. Some people would support the guy, because in this “social media era” people just jump on bandwagons.
      Having said that, I did not understand what was the relation between the letter and the crimes. The crimes are events he should be jailed for. The letter has to do nothing with the crimes.
      Chris Benoit was a top pro wrestler who killed his family and committed suicide -according to the police-. The crimes are one thing, but his professional career has been erased from the books. There is no way people should not acknowledge how good he was at his profession.

      1. The letter that people are applauding has everything to do with the crime, and these people have very similar political preferences.
        Translate if you have the patience.

        “Não tenho medo de morrer ou ficar preso, na verdade já estou preso na angustia da injustiça, além do que eu preso, vou ter 3 alimentações completas, banho de sol, salário, não precisarei acordar cedo pra ir trabalhar, vou ter representantes dos direito humanos puxando meu saco, tbm não vou perder 5 meses do meu salário em impostos. Morto tbm já estou, pq não posso ficar contigo, ver vc crescer, desfrutar a vida contigo por causa de um sistema feminista e umas loucas. Filho tenha certeza que não será só nos dois quem vamos nos foder, vou levar o máximo de pessoas daquela família comigo, pra isso não acontecer mais com outro trabalhador honesto. Agora vão me chamar de louco, más quem é louco? Eu quem quero justiça ou ela que queria o filho só pra ela? Que ela fizesse inseminação artificial ou fosse trepar com um bandido que não gosta de filho.

        No Brasil, crianças adquirem microcefalia e morrem por corrupção, homens babacas morrem e matam por futebol, policiais e bombeiros morrem dignamente pela profissão, jovens do bem (dois sexos) morrem por celulares, tênis, selfies e por ídolos, jornalistas morrem pelo amor à profissão, muitas pessoas pobres morrem no chão de hospitais para manter políticos na riqueza e poder!
        Eu morro por justiça, dignidade, honra e pelo meu direito de ser pai! Na verdade somos todos loucos, depende da necessidade dela aflorar!
        A vadia foi ardilosa e inspirou outras vadias a fazer o mesmo com os filhos, agora os pais quem irão se inspirar e acabar com as famílias das vadias. As mulheres sim tem medo de morrer com pouca idade.
        Aproveitando, peço aos amigos que sabem da minha descrença, que não rezem e por mim, se fazerem orações façam por meu filho ele sim irá precisar! Quero ser enterrado com a cabeça para baixo se garante que assim posso ir pro inferno buscar a velha vadia (que era até ministra de comunhão na igreja) que morreu antes da hora. Demorei pra matar ela pq me apaixonei por um anjo lindo!
        Ela não merece ser chamada de mãe, más infelizmente muitas vadias fazem de tudo que é errado para distanciar os filhos dos pais e elas conseguem, pois as leis deste paizeco são para os bandidos e bandidas. A justiça brasileira é igual ao lewandowski, (um marginal que limpou a bunda com a constituição no dia que tirou outra vadia do poder) um lixo!
        Se os presidentes do país são bandidos, quem será por nós?
        Filho, não sou machista e não tenho raiva das mulheres (essas de boa índole, eu amo de coração, tanto é que me apaixonei por uma mulher maravilhosa, a Kátia) tenho raiva das vadias que se proliferam e muito a cada dia se beneficiando da lei vadia da penha!
        Não posso dizer que todas as mulheres são vadias! Más todas as mulheres sabem do que as vadias são capazes de fazer!
        Filho te amo muito e agora vou vingar o mal que ela nos fez! Principalmente a vc! Sei o qto ela te fez chorar em não deixar vc ficar comigo qdo eu ia te visitar. Saiba que sempre te amarei! Toda mulher tem medo de morrer nova, ela irá por minhas mãos!”
        “(…) eu ia matar as vadias (eu já tinha a arma e raspei a numeração pra não prejudicar quem me vendeu, ela precisava de dinheiro). Família de policial morto não recebe tantos benefícios com a família de presos. Cadê os ordinários dos direitos humanos? Estão sendo presos por ajudar bandidos né? Paizeco de bosta.
        Sei que me achava um frouxo em não dar uns tapas na cara dela, más eu não podia te dizer as minhas pretensões em acabar com ela! Tinha que ser no momento certo. Quero pegar o máximo de vadias da família juntas.
        A injustiça campineira me condenou por algo que não fiz! Espero que eles sejam punidos de alguma forma.
        Chega!! Ela tem que pagar pelo que fez.”

        1. Ok I understand better. Yeah It was wrong. well, there is crazy people everywhere. Also countries in South America have a large population of abusive males -who are usually uneducated people- Again, we can’t generalize.

          1. Its a very long story, just google it. Observing it was kinda insane. (I cant reply to you last reply, dont know why)

  6. Dude aside from your horrible political commentary, the sexism was just bad. When did this blog become a pulpit for you to spew trash. Come on man I log on to look at boobs not read about what’s wrong with the world (in your opinion). I think you just lost a follower. I can’t be all irritated when I am trying to rub one out.

    1. I think we disagree, but there is nothing wrong with that. If I lost a fan due to one post and you don’t come back for the other 1,000, I think you are missing the point

      1. No dude, youre missing it. People come here for T&A, not your ignorant, misogynistic, and racist comments. You are easily replaceable, so next time you feel like channeling your inner neo nazi, do it somewhere else.

        1. LOL I have no idea why those accusations you make made sense to you. I guess you are just another idiot with no ability to digest message and just get the whole idea from keywords on a text.

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