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Big Boobs Awards 2016. A year in review – BoobsRealm edition

lucy li huge tits xx cel
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  1. boobsville says:

    Great review! Gotta love Tessa!

    I definitely could see Lena Paul becoming next Gianna Michaels. Thought about that too when looking at some of her pics the other day.

    I only saw her in a full scene a few days ago for the first time. Fucking awesome, I don’t think I have jerked off to anyone else since her discovery…

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      Thanks buddy! People liked this post. I’m glad it worked better than expected

  2. Mikell says:

    lol@heavyonhotties the best boob site. that goofy-lookin, overweight, hairy, baby dick slob is the worst performer in porn. The girls practically have to jerk him off for 5 minutes to get him to cum. lol@anyone who pays for that crap. Besides that, I like the list.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      I know you don’t like Cel, but many fans disagree with you. Plus the site has managed to feature stunning girls this year. If you compare it with other bigger sites in terms of resources it has done a far better job than the others -and that include his work on xx-cel-

      1. Chris says:

        Total bull!!!!!!, there’s no way @heavyonhotties is the best big boob site out there. You’re just trying to promote a site you know very well has nothing but shitty content just cause you friends with the Cel. No amount of publicity can change a shitty product into a hit

        1. Boobsrealm says:

          I do think HOH is a gidden porn gem. However, what I can agree with you is that the Tour Page is not updated, thus not selling the site the best it could. I don’t want to point what other sites flaws have been, but I consider it all as a whole.Like I said, others have way more budget but not much remarkable things have been shot this 2016. Plus Cel introduced Nadiya, Themis Thunder, brought Suzie SUn after Czech casting, plus you can find so many other scenes many do not think about. Elliot James from Scoreland has been very nice to the blog, but I can’t say I feel satisfied by what Scoreland offererd in 2016

          1. Mikell says:

            a hidden porn gem? bro, you don’t even believe that shit. lol. i wish i had saved some of the messages I had way back when from girls that had worked with him. trust me. They weren’t very complimentary. But give cel a little credit. he’s shown that you can be painfully ugly, fat, have a small dick and no bedroom skills whatsoever to speak of and still fuck ‘somewhat’ decent looking girls on camera – for a price, of course.

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