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Nikki Benz Alleges Being ‘Traumatized’ on Brazzers Set, Brazzers comments

nikki benz break internet
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  1. GC says:

    LP did the same thing with Siniplex when they were not paying girls for scenes. They said it was a Siniplex problem not Legal Porno’s problem but the public backlash was so great LP ended up making sure the girls got paid.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      I think this is far worse than LP’s issue. Let’s see how this ends

  2. YourAClown says:

    You lost me when you said Nikki was “blue-collar”. She’s a millionaire. Millionaire’s aren’t Blue-Collar.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      She is not an executive on MindGeek. She is just one of those performers who get fucked and follow orders from the people on upper management and directors

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