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Veronica Zemanova hardcore tryout story

veronica zemanova handjob
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  1. Mikell says:

    bro, you need to start getting actual quotes or some proof of what you say. your shit doesn’t sound believable at all and u come off as just some dude trying really hard to get hits for his site. I mean, you actually posted that busty merilyn/anya WANTED that ugly, fat. baby-dick slob cel to suck her tits and it was all her idea. that’s as false as false gets.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      You make a good point. Regarding the Zemanova post I could actually add the quotes. Regarding Merilyn I can’t as I don’t remember the specific words.
      What does “being fat and having a baby dick” has to do with what she wanted or not? I think that after watching the Sabrina Nichole hardcore videos you could tell that anybody can fuck a hot girl -and it is not just about the money-

      1. Boobsrealm says:

        “I did a casting in Prague in 1997 with Veronica, brought to me by a guy from Holland who was her first agent in Brno. We took a breakfast and then go to the room where she took off her clothes imediatly.
        The guy didn’t want let me speak with on camera her before we agree on conditions.
        All was OK even if the price was heavy 20000 $ for 4 sex scenes. But the guy was nervous with the idea she can have sex with me in the room ( she didn’t make problem about this ! ) and the story ended before I filmed her.”

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