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Did you know about busty Ava Nicks? She is not in the Miss Boobs Realm 2016 contest, but she is for sure hot. Anastasia Lux gets fucked on Heavy On Hotties. check out LeelaJayy huge natural boobs. What’s Noelle Easton been up to?

Ava Nicks is a G size and hails from Canada. She cams every day and enjoys teasing and playing with her huge boobs. While she does not insert dildos in her cunt – she used to do porn before- she likes to turn on guys and make them shoot their loads thinking of her. She claims she was a model, but now she only performs on cam for the extra cash. What do you think of her?

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Anastasia Lux is a very underrated pornstar. She has done great work everywhere and needs to be more famous. The globetrotter fuck machine bounces her tits all around the world shooting for several producers. Anastasia shot some time ago a scene for Heavy On hotties where she gets penetrated and cummed on. The Portuguese bra buster and her giant naturals get the treatment they deserve!

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Do you remember I introduced you to LeelaJayy ? She is the top newest busty MILF in the world. No wonder why she will be part of Miss Boobs Realm 2016. Check out her site and get those heavy natural chest for you! Check her out on

This is how she bounces

Last but not least. Noelle Easton came back from retirement last year, but has been quiet since. She has not shot that many porn scenes, but she has been active selling pics and interacting with fans as well as making appearances at Strip clubs. Noelle dropped some weight, but by the looks of it, it seems her boobs are getting big again. What do you think?

Read my interview with Noelle Easton


7 Replies to “Meet AvaNicks, Anastasia Lux fucked, LeelaJayy huge boobs, Noelle Easton

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog, but why make negative comments? I guess you did not read my following post… people are just crazy nowadays

      1. r you this guy’s publicist? what part of he’s a terrible performer don’t you get? he’s overweight and he has a small dick. lol.

        1. I love your support Mikell, but as you may have noticed this is a blog that makes money out of promoting content. While you may not like it, there are several guys that actually enjoy his content. I like the content and the models he feature on his sites.
          With all due respect, I learned in life that we only have the right to criticize others when we actually DO it better. If you don’t like the guy, just join other sites. Bashing him, would not make you fuck the girls he has fucked

  1. I’d be grateful if Noelle went back to actually chubby proportions, closer to how she was in her beginnings, but until then… with all respect, her work is not for me. Still grateful for her first, still wonderful videos.

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