Lola Fauve, Suzie Sun, Anastasia Lux, Nadiya fucked on Heavy On Hotties


Heavy On Hotties is the site Cel from XX-Cel uses to share his fuck adventures. He has fucked many pornstars; some busty, some non-busty. Among the big tits girls fucked on Heavy On Hotties are: Lola Fauve, Suzie Sun, Anastasia Lux and Nadiya.

Cel is not only the titty-master, he is the one-man-show that gets hotties to hi place and fucked them on camera. Heavy On Hotties has been around for some years, but it still is a hidden gem for many porn lovers. Some of the most famous fuck scenes on the site feature Faye Reagan, Lana Ivans, Shione Cooper, Sensual Jane, Alessandra Jane and others. However, I want to share with you some of the latest updates as well as some of the best tit fucks and cumshots you need to watch on the site.

Lola Fauve is a cute chubby girl. In her scene for we get a taste of how sweet she is. Busty Lola is an angelic girl that got into porn for money issues. She embraced her new career and is now getting fucked in every hole. On HOH Lola Fauve starts sucking Cel’s shaft. Her lack of English skills are condone due to her excellent fuck skills.

lola fauve heavy on hotties

Anastasia Lux is a busty underrated pornatsr who enjoys getting a cock inside her. She is one of the latest updates on the site.

suzy xxcel heavy on hotties

Suzie Sun‘s scene has already been covered on the site. However, it is worth checking it out. Suzie is a really fun girl who enjoys sex. Suzie gets a messy facial. It seems she is not that happy about cum on her face, but she took it like a champ!

suzie sun heavy on hotties

Nadiya is one of the girls everybody is taking about. The big boobs escort sucks the D and gives a surreal titfuck. Those monster tits in action itself are worth to join the site.

nadiya xx cel tit fuck

On the site you will find many more girls. I will let you find out, but some are: Milky Marie, Amber Nevada and Amarna Miller (non-busty cuties), Sheila Grant, Emma Leigh, Amy Wild. Explore yourself! I’m sure you will find porn scenes you have never watched before of your favorite girls.

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busty girls heavyonhotties

23 Replies to “Lola Fauve, Suzie Sun, Anastasia Lux, Nadiya fucked on Heavy On Hotties

  1. heavyonhotties aka a really fat, out of shape, porn guy who somehow gets to fuck decent girls is really, REALLY painful to watch. I know as a straight guy you’re not really supposed to care about the male performer. but this guy is just sad.

    1. I think that people who make hateful comments regarding Cel, Torbe, Dan or somebody else is actually due to the fact that the guys making the comments are jealous in a bad way. There is porn for everybody. People hate to much these days. it is not easy to do something on camera, it is easier to bash people while being anonymous. I don’t want more hatred on this blog. Guys have to be mature and respect others.

  2. thx guys.
    Jealousy isn’t even my main problem with the comments…

    but you have EVERY type of porn available on the net, and i mean EVERY type…
    dwarves, black dudes, SBBW, hairy, old & Young, pissing, bukkake, fake castings, gang bangs, pregnant, lesbian, tatooed emo, prolapse, triple anal, fisting, torture, shibari, furries,… etc etc etc etc… and the ONLY style that is “outrageous” to these dudes is “fat guy porn”. This makes them angry as hell.
    That is just unbelievable to me… 😀

    1. its not really about you being fat. you’re just a lousy performer and straight goofy. i feel like im watching circus porn. but hey, keep doin’ what you doin’. something somehow is working for you.

        1. r u serious? the girls look like they’d rather be anyplace on earth than with him. they look bored, uninterested aka please lets get this over with.

      1. Well you’re right, it is working for me. The goofiness is the concept, it’s the niche. How can you not understand that ?
        My examples were actually pretty good :)…. do you complain that this is too many african-americans on ?! It’s the whole concept…
        Me being “goofy” and showcasing a more “real life” side to these girls is what’ i’m going for, and that’s what people like about it.
        If you want to see exaggerated make-up, fake screams of pleasure, horrible scripted situations and stuff like that … you have a billion terabytes of that type of porn available. Enjoy your downloads. 🙂

        1. yeah, i don’t believe these girls are being satisfied by you. i’m sorry. a lot of fake moaning aka i’m pretending to enjoy myself when i’m really not going on here. on both your sites. i’ve talked to some of the girls you’ve worked with (anya aka busty merilyn and others) and they’ve been consistent in they wouldn’t go anywhere near you under any other circumstances outside of getting paid or trying to get a leg up in the business.

          1. oh, and another thing, you should put it out there that you NEVER sucked on leanne crowes tits off camera when you worked with her because she’s denied it over and over and over again in her webcam chats i’ve had with her. basically somebody said something and it got out there and you did nothing to refute it.

          2. I don’t think he ever said it. It may have been a fan that thought he did. On the other side, if it did happen, why would Leanne go out and say it happened?

          3. Mikell, thanks for contacting me. I have chatted with Merilyn back in 2010. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, don’t believe a girl in the adult business unless she is your close friend. I am not saying anything here, but people want to have stories in their heads that want them to be true

  3. Wow, lot of hate for cel but i think hes probably the best out there at the moment and the best for a long time. The angles he gets are very good and he seems to be able to capture the girl in a very relaxed natural state which in turn makes great work. I still say some of leannes best shoots were with cel and you can clearly see she was very relaxed and having great fun. Cel makes a good point about fake porn, i dislike reality kings and bangbros as i cant stand all the egos involved. All the studs are the same and treat the fucking like a gym workout and care more about what they look like than the girls. Pathetic and arrogant. Cel is 100% natural and a regular down to earth guy that handles the girls in a far more experienced way than the wanabees at reality and bros. Ever see him handle kayla kleevage? Really great scene, hes the only guy to ever suck merilyn sakovas tits on camera so doesnt that tell you something? ??? The story about him sucking leannes tits off camera did circulate for some time but neither have ever gone on record to say it happened. Its private between them but somehow must have got leaked. Who knows if it ever happened but lets not knock the guy for being good at what he does

  4. Dear Mikell,
    you seem a little bit insane with your rants …
    first of all your analysis of the pleasure (or lack thereof) with the girls, is not only wrong, but also fueled by a clear putrid jealousy, that must haunt you every second of your life.

    As for Leanne, I have no idea what you’re talking about… I never made any claim about anything, and since I’m the easiest porn content producer to reach, it’s just easy for you, her, or anyone to email me about any trouble. Email, Facebook, twitter, all the big forums, etc … I’m literally 1 click away to reply to ANY problem. Always have, always will.

    Also, one last thing…. if you’re paying a girl 4 bucks a minute to have an “intimate” talk with her, do you really think she’s not going to go your way, and tell you what you want to hear ?
    They are not your friends. They are not your girlfriends. They are not your property. You are simple paying customer, and they are right to abuse your wallet.

    Big kiss to you,
    email me next time, so I don’t need to be alerted by another (nice) member that you’re trying to rape me on some forum.

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