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Viola Baileys fucked by Kai Taylor behind the scenes for DDF

viola baileys fucked ddf
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  1. GC says:

    Viola is guided by Woodman and I am sure he told her to not work for LP as they destroy girls. I will be very surprised if she ever does one of those LP circus shows with 3-4 guys DPing and DAPing her.

  2. Robert Palson says:

    did she do a live show with immoral live because i was going to buy a membership just to see the scene and they dont mention her anywhere on there site.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      I was not there, that’s why I could not get screenshots, but I read that she indeed did it.However, I was just told by Immoral live she is fucking another guy today. Check this out http://streamate.com/cam/cocksuckingchallenge/?AFNO=1-0-632144-351351&UHNSMTY=303

    2. GC says:

      Viola’s show today was awesome. She did 3 30 minute sex shows with Porno Dan. Each scene had BJ, pussy eating, followed by sex in a variety of positions. She said she would not do anal or creampie and only 1 guy at a time. I would have rather seen her have sex with 3 males in the 3 scenes instead of Porno Dan (he is creepy looking, pudgy, and has a small cock for a porn guy) but her energy and enthusiasm made up for his shortcomings. She also did 3 scenes with him last Sunday too that were about the same time. So lucky Porno Dan got to fuck Viola 6x in less then a week. What a lucky fucker he is. By far she puts on the best cam show I have ever seen.

      1. Boobsrealm says:

        Great to know. thanks…!!!!!

  3. GC says:

    Saw Viola’s scene from Sunday with Porno Dan on his site. He is creepy looking and not a typical male talent but Viola was awesome. She was screaming in pleasure like she was being murdered. Arya Swinger was supposed to be there as well but perhaps she was not feeling well so it was just Dan and Viola. She has another live sex show today at 5pm EDT at Dan’s site.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      Thanks for the info buddy! everybody appreciates it! Keep coming back and collaborating!

  4. Robert Palson says:


  5. VIOLAFAN314 says:

    I saw parts of the live shows on THURSDAY August 18th but it was so small and the cameraman sucked! I signed up for a trial membership just to see the scenes again and also the 3 shows from Sunday August 14th of Viola also that I had missed. I was disappointed that Dan fucked her in all 6 live show scenes! It would have been better if she fucked him then someone else then another guy or even back to Dan as he would have had atleast 30-40 minute break in between. He had to keep taking breaks during show and after the show ended each time. If you join his site you go to the archive section and click on it. There is 3 choices Squirtmania Fuck a Fan and CS Challenge. They have the most recent dates so it makes it easy to find Viola as the CS CHALLENGE had her 3 live shows with DAN from Thursday the 18th! The show on the left was her last show. The show in the middle was her 2nd show. Her show on the right was her 1st show. This way if you want to watch the live show scenes in order you now know. Also in the Squirtmania section had her 3 live shows with Dan from Sunday August 14th. The scenes seemed the same with slight differences. Viola really seemed to enjoy herself and got into the sex so that was cool! Different guys better camera man and a better variety would have made the scenes much better! She has tight pussy and is used to average or small dicks and Dan’s actually gave her pain and pleasure if you watch the scenes. Even his dick hurt her! He was very polite and respectful to Viola and I give him props for that as she should be treated with utmost respect from EVERYONE! Especially her big fans like me etc! I am curious if she did do a GG scene with Aria swinger or not? If anyone knows if that got canceled or maybe she was supposed to do Arya and Dan for a BGG scene who knows? Viola definitely did 6 live show sex scenes with PORNO Dan!!! They did do blowjobs cowgirl doggy and I forget if they did missionary and reverse cowgirl? Viola’s passion is amazing and help made up for certain below standards like GC mentioned earlier! It will take her time to get her to take medium dicks as average dicks hurt her now. Also if she ever will do anal with anyone besides Woodman? Doubtful! Just be happy she did 2 DP scenes with Pierre! That shows you how comfortable she is with him.

    1. Boobsrealm says:

      Thanks for the great review. She is not open to anal right now.

      1. VIOLAFAN314 says:

        She will only do anal with her BF Pierre and maybe someone that is friends with Pierre! Otherwise not at this time or ever! Sadly she may be done with BG now as the timing of her grandfathers death may change her mind again! WE shall all see what happens in the next few weeks. She needs someone to mentor/guide her the right way! Someone who has Viola’s best interest at heart like me! Also not sure what her status with BF is now?

  6. VIOLAFAN314 says:

    Sad news everyone as Viola’s grandfather died Monday Aug 22 according to Pierre Woodman. I hope she is doing as ok as expected. I do not know how this will change her plans in the next few weeks? Please be respectful and understanding to Viola now during her mourning for her family now and always like a true big fan/friend would! Thanks hopefully she will continue in the business but this may change her mind. She is heartbroken right now! A sweet girl like her changes her mind plenty. WE shall what happens now after her death of a loved one! She was very close with her grandfather!

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