Alice Brookes BoobsRealm Snapchat, Sha Rizel Pregnant, Big Boobs Links

Sha rizel pregnant

Welcome back again!  I won’t be able to catch up with everything that happened while I was away, but I’m trying to get you the best exclusive stuff… You may have already seen it on the Amanda Love and Beth Lily posts and now here.. and get ready for more!

The gorgeous Alice Brookes did a Snapchat Take Over on Friday on the BoobsRealm account. Alice promoted her new official site where he shares her jaw-dropping body. Alice is really cute and one of my all time favorites. She may not have mosnter juggs, but overall she is one of the most perfect girls I have ever seen.  If you are not following BoobsRealm on Snapchat, you are missing out. Alice will be back soon. Below Alice Brookes Snapchat story.

I am trying to get Codi Vore, Cara Ruby, Alice Brookes again, ThatSubieGirl and other girls you will be pleased to meet!

Many of you have been wondering what’s up with Sha Rizel. posted photos of Sha Rizel sweet pregnancy. I know that Sha Rizel has been active. What I don’t know is if these photos correspond to her 2015 pregnancy or this means she is expecting her second child. .. Yeah 2015… You know that I know a lot of stuff, but I am not allowed to put it online. So I guess that now that these photos are online, you may read between the lines why hardcore was never an option for Sha Rizel. Check out how great her body looks. She is also the girl on the featured photo of this post.


Sha rizel pregnant Sha rizel pregnant

Another girl featured many many times on Nadine’s site is Hitomi Tanaka. The busty japanese legend went full nude again, but without showing her kitty.  hitomi tanaka naked

nude hitomi tanaka

hitomi tanaka naked

The featured website of the day is It is not an anti-porn site, but WeHatePorn is a great site that promotes nudirty and tease. It has been around for many years and has always been updated to please the fans who look for beautiful girls sharing their bodies without any cock or dildo interference. Below a sample photo of UGotItFlauntit which is a premium site promoted by them.

Last but not least take some time to listen to  Porn and Coffee Podcast featuring Angela White. The Porn and Coffee Podcast is brought by Ynot and PlugRush. Porn and Coffee is a podcast oriented to people involved in the Adult Industry and not so much to the fans. The interviewees are people more involved in the payment processing, marketing, website creation. These individuals are well-known in the adult industry, but may be virtual unknowns to the fans. Angela White was interviewed by Thomas and Jay Kopita as she is one of the few talent who has gone into an entrepreneurial role. Enjoy the interview.

Note: Porn and Coffee has also interviewed Steven from Lightspeed Media (does Tawnee Stone and Jordan Capri ring a bell).

Note 2: If you just wanna watch Angela White doing porn… just visit 


13 Replies to “Alice Brookes BoobsRealm Snapchat, Sha Rizel Pregnant, Big Boobs Links

  1. Its such a shame Hitomi either appears pixelated (if she is in action in Japan) or keeps her legs firmly closed in her Score scenes.

  2. I told you about Sha Rizel last year, that this was coming. It ended here gig with Scoreland and likely any long term career.

    1. Sha Rizel was modeling still in Ukrain for some photographers and also Nadine. I will ask Valory Irene more on this, as they are very close friends

  3. I can’t wait to see part 2 of Sha Rizel’s pregnancy photoset on Nadine’s site. Her tits are out of this world, I hope she does at least one photoset after she’s had the baby so we can see those tits hang minus the baby bump. Personally, I don’t think we are going to get any lactation from her or Micky Bells for that matter. Perhaps Sha Rizel isn’t going to quit modelling but it seems as if her career is winding down. Or maybe her absence was merely due to her baby. All I know is that I want more Sha Rizel and I’m still hungry to see her be raunchier after never really being satisfied with her previous videos and photo shoots.

    1. dear draco….
      micky bells has an amazing lactation scene, called “custom made” from the nadine j official website. u can also find the video clip on torrent sites to download… good luck and enjoy!!

      1. I would prefer people to buy it from the site. That is how you support the sites and help them create more content instesd of leading them to shut down which is what is happening with nadine and milena

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