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Dumbest cunt in porn,Tasha Holz gets sperm, meet Alyssa Arce

tasha holz cumperfection
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  1. Jorge says:

    Never understood facials. It’s for show in porn, I get that. But if she ain’t having her mouth open and at least trying to swallow some what’s the point? Besides her boobs are better targets. I say this as a bukkake fan. It needs to get all over her (i.e. Boobs), not just her face. But if she was flat, I guess she may not have other suitable targets. Rant over.
    But I do want to see much more of Tasha. Great huge boobs!
    Alyssa Acre is gorgeous. Those are great boobs and nice body.
    Screw Pierre Woodman!!!

    1. yoyo says:

      the facial is the best part, i love doing it at home. nothing beats seeing a girl with her face creamed.

    2. Jorge says:

      To all those saying I’m missing out. Porn brainwashed you guys. I’m a fan of porn but I prefer shooting my load load in her holes. I say you are off target. Your junk ends up in a towel and disposed of. The visual is great I admit, seeing the amount you produce. I see that too but mine makes the target. I get swallowed. … (Drops mic).

      1. yoyo says:

        Drop the mic all you want to, I still love dropping my load on my girl’s face. Not a “waste” at all unless I’m trying to have a kid.

  2. Hessian says:

    No sympathy for the Woodman here either.

  3. ca uk says:

    Yeh not a lot of love for woodman round here it seems

  4. lion says:

    On woodman. Just saw viola on twitter posting a dinner pic with him and some other, I’m assuming cast/stars.

  5. lion says:

    @jorge, I love facial scenes. Every girlfriend I’ve had, I’ve unloaded on her face. It’s hot!

    1. yoyo says:

      Agree, jorge is missing out on the finer aspects of life

      1. JC says:

        Everybody has his own preference. I may have the best busty girl with a gorgeous face and I woudl still prefer to cum on her face.

  6. GC says:

    Its getting too dangerous to come here. The pop up ads you have are trying to take control of the PC and install ransomware. I keep my virus protection up to date but if anyone comes to this dangerous place without current virus protection they are gonna be in trouble.

    1. JC says:

      Thanks. I was testing that ad provider, but I am taking it out right now. I will promotw my own offers. thanks and my apologies for the inconveniences.

  7. John says:

    I’m done with this fucking site, first click to it and I’m redirected to another website. Thanks actually, it made me realize I should just google “big boobs blogs” and go for the top 5 considering none of them redirect or do shady pop ups.

  8. marc says:

    sorry ..but Tasha Holz WAS one of the prettiest ones out there…
    till she decided to do a breast enhancement operation..
    and tasha HAD perfect natural full sexy breasts…. before !!

    why why >> WHY ??

  9. GC says:

    Now today google chrome blocked me from coming here as a dangerous site. I had to log out of Chrome and get on IE to come here.

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