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Lana Rhoades IR on Blacked, Hitomia Tanaka and Lily Madison, ThatsubieGirl

Lana rhoades interracial
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  1. ca uk says:

    Great to see lana taking on some black cock lets hope this doesnt start another backlash from certain folk. Would really like to see leanne crow involved with blacked but sadly i cant ever see this happen. Could the price ever be right????? Hitomi is a long time favourite of mine and seeing her with lily is pretty cool. Nice work score as always

  2. GC says:

    Its a shame we never get to see Hitomi in uncensored sex scenes. I’ve always wanted to see her in uncensored scenes. Imagine her filming scens with Blacked, Tushy, or some other well known company instead of the pixelated crap we see from her.

  3. Don Pepe says:

    JC, do you know why Hitomi doesn’t do uncensored hardcore, even in the USA? Any chance for an interview with her? (although I think she doesn’t speaks english)

    1. JC says:

      Hello this is the recap of my interview with her in 2014 http://www.boobsrealm.com/2015/03/02/hitomi-tanaka-interview-talks-retirement-samanta-lily-new-video/
      Hitomi can shoot hardcore anywhere, but the law in Japan is that girls can”t show genitals on video… I know, I know.. some girls do it, but there is more than meet the eye ad I prefer not to get into details about it. However, in general, producers outside Japan are not interested in shooting scenes that then they would need to blur. Hitomi does not wanna break the law. That’s the story.

      1. Don Pepe says:

        That sounds like a bad excuse from her. The law is against publish uncensored porn in Japan, but they can shoot it and export anywhere. The law is not against performers.

  4. ca uk says:

    I dont understand why she doesnt come to the UK to work with bendover or busty britain

    1. JC says:

      I think Busty Britain is done. I replied to Don Pepe on the HC questions

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