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Codi Vore long distance Skype sex, first boy/girl video soon

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  1. She’s a rip off. Bought Snapchat. It’s absolute garbage for the price. She doesn’t like her fans, won’t do custom videos, not worth buying anything from her Manyvids either. Save your money! Take my advice.

    1. JC says:

      From what I have seen her content is good. I don’t know if you had a problem with her content, but she has done greta scenes. I will have Codi herself commenting on this.

    2. Codi Vore says:

      I regularly message fans and post nude content, and have done cum shows, which is exactly what I promised. What is your snapchat username?

      Also, I correspond with many of the people who purchase my videos and they have given me nothing but compliments or constructive feedback.

      When I first started as a camgirl, I significantly under charged for custom content, and ended up with too much work for the money I was making. I have since raised the price to limit how many customs I have to do, and I have given free content to everybody who had to wait longer than expected for customs.

      Finally, I have many fans who I am genuinely excited to see on snapchat. A couple of them regularly send me awesome photos and I have really great conversations. I don’t have time to get back to everybody all the time because I can’t be available for you 24/7.

      If you have any specific complaints, please take them up with me.

      1. JC says:

        Thanks for clearing this up Codi. I know this might only be a misunderstanding. I know this will be solved and everybody will be happy! Thanks again!

  2. Chokeonarock says:

    I’m afraid I’d have to agree with the comment from Ukraine. It’s fine and understandable if models choose not to engage with their fans and stay off of social media, but Codi superficially invites fan feedback and then disregards it. Sorry, but if a model asks for customer engagement and then ignores her customers’ input, then those customers aren’t going to stay customers for long . . . there are simply too many other models out there with better looks and more professionalism.

    1. JC says:

      From Codi’s response I think she cares a lot about what fans think. Chokenarock, I don’t know if you comment from personal experience or just basing on what the other user who did not leave a valid e-mail posted. From my experience, many fans demand many things and expect free stuff.. that’s why many youngsters like Bernie Sanders, right? However, this is a business and everybody has to understand it as such. I’m sure that if there has been a misunderstanding between Codi and her fans, a civilized chat will help fixing the issue.

  3. Chokeonarock says:

    JC, I enjoy your blog a lot and appreciate your attempt to intercede, but the truth is I actually have pretty low expectations of most of the models I’ve followed. I realize they are — at bottom and for lack of a better term — virtual prostitutes who are selling themselves because they lack either the brains or the will to find less demeaning jobs. Yet even the simplest of salespeople knows that you don’t promise what you can’t deliver, nor do you offend the customers whose commerce you seek. I’m sure many would be satisfied enough with a certain half-hearted level of customer service . . . I’m merely stating that, based on my limited personal experience and judged by my own reasonably low standards, the Ukrainian has a point.

    1. JC says:

      Hi. While I understand you may have low expectations, it is not fair to throw a model under the bus just because of having low expectations without having tried the model’s services. It is like saying that all porn fans are sick pervs and not giving the chance to some to explain themselves and proof people wrong. Obviously, I am not trying to offend anyone, but that’s a common misconception I get when I tell somebody about the blog.

  4. ca uk says:

    I guess customers are entitled to their opinions if they feel they are not getting their monies worth and i will respect their views. Im semi retired and cant afford to pay for content so rely on any free content thats out there and im very gratefull for people like jc at boobsrealm for providing all the great information that he does so that it can help me make an informed decision if and when i decide to pay for any content. All feedback on these girls is valuable to me as money is very tight and i cant afford any big mistakes. To be honest up to now the only site ive considered paying for is leanne crows and its my dream to have a private cam show with her someday. That aside i think codi is incredible and has some amazing heavy tits and im sure she has many satisfied fans.

  5. Jake says:

    Codi doing b/g? Fantastic!!!

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