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Miss Boobs Realm Cam Girl 2016 is …

KatKittSauce boobs realm
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  1. ca uk says:

    Congratulations kittie, there was never any doubt in my mind she would steal the vote, as you said jc this girl has got everything, wonderfull tits, incredible ass, bags of charm and camera presence and is a beauty to boot. Her cam work is a success but its time for her to get on board with some of the big names and take it to the next level. Ive heard rumour of talks with score which would be amazing. DDF or pinups would also be so cool and win her another legion of fans. Awesome work kittie

  2. Wayde Wilson says:

    I’m sorry to be that guy but did any of the other girls even have a chance? Im like scrolling threw the other post and a huge amount of them are of her. I feel if your going to host a competition you should not let slip who your favorite is.

    1. JC says:

      Well I was posting more about her before as I know about her for over a year. She is also one of the girls with more photos available to share. As you may have noticed before I have posted about NIkki and ThatSubieGirl recently. I will keep on posting about other cam girls, but I,m sure the focus is may be on these 5 girls and maybe a couple more.

      I don’t think fans would be that influenced by me. Last year I think one fo the most featured girls on the blog was Beth Lily and she did not win the Miss Boobs Realm 2015 – not even in the top 4-. In 2014 Lucie Wilde didn’t win either.

  3. lion says:

    I do feel you may have swung the vote a bit jc, but I’m not doubting she had the looks to win herself. My fave is still Nikki Eliot though. One day! Well done kittiesauce

  4. bob says:

    I don’t like those boobs,.too small

    1. JC says:

      LOL. well I know guys who like huge boobs, but calling Kittiesauce’s small is like calling a 6 feet tall guy small.
      I have a post in the works about huge boobs vs big boobs… There is a lot of debate on what’s better. However, everybody has an opinion

  5. spermatitten says:

    Hope KittieSauce goes to Score in Miami for a proper glamour shoot soon.

  6. RastamanG says:

    I agree JC I think the vote has been swung by you, Kissmefirst should of won this for sure. I saw KittieSauce without her eyebrows a few days ago and let me tell you it was not a pretty sight, that girl is caked in makeup

    1. JC says:

      I think the 5 girls had fair chances. I know that I featured Kittiesauce more on the blog, but I think everybody has their own idea of what they want. Like I said, last year I have posted a lot about Beth Lily and not much about Tessa Fowler or Casssidy Morgan and these two got more votes. KissMeFirst is very beautiful. I think the 5 look great. IN general make up can change the way a girl look, but I often prefer girls without make up. I saw Kittiesauce without make up. She looks nice; a bit different but still nice.

  7. ca uk says:

    Yeh i agree with jc, most tit men already make up their mind about who they like despite the balance of exposure with postings. Yes all 5 are amazing but if you can only fuck one who would it be? On that i base my choice. Kittie is a worthy winner

  8. John says:

    No big suprise for me. As I predicted Kitty won and Nikki as runner up, I should have bet on this! Just to see the number of viewer when they are online. They are some of the most popular girls. At this level it hard to choose because the two are 1010, so it more the personality who make difference on 2 beautiful girls like this.

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