Interview with Natasha Nice

natasha nice blacked
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  1. ca uk says:

    Great interview jc, shes certainly a lot of fun

  2. edward says:

    didnt know she was still active, I remember watching her videos when I was in middle school

    1. JC says:

      She turned this year after some years hiatus.

  3. yoyo says:

    good work finally asking the spit swallow facial!

  4. Jorge Nitales says:

    No sabia que Natasha tuviera ascendencia cubana. La verdad es que es una preciosidad de mujer. Es un placer que este de vuelta. Bienvenida de nuevo Natasha.

    1. JC says:

      She’s a perfect mix. One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen – not only in porn-. and she has big tits and nice ass!! And she is funny and smart!

      1. Jorge Nitales says:

        I agree. But don`t forget her eyes. She has the most beautiful eyes, maybe since Chasey Lain.

        1. JC says:

          LOL Nice nickname hahahaha

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