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Kittiesauce wears legendary Tanya Song lookalike pink t-shirt

kittiesauce pink tshirt selfie
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  1. boobgeek says:

    yes a very defining outfit in busty glam history. There is a site called abibids.com where you can buy the outfits from some famous pinup models shoots. Pinupfiles had a few auctions on there with some well known outfits. Been temping a few times to purchase a few being such a big pinup glam fan. When i think of tanya it is that pink top and the blue dress

    1. JC says:

      I agree the pink top is legendary and I think KittieSauce can be legendary too.
      Regarding the PUF outfits.. Di you check that now Tessa Fowler will be posing wearing fan-sent wardrobe?

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