Wendy Fiore breast reduction, shows nipples, meet Gillian Barnes

Gillian Barnes is a new girl that world-acclaimed Zishy introduces to us. She might not have huge breast, but her tits are big enough to please us. You know that if you can tit-fuck any tits, those tits should be here on BoobsRealm. Zishy always has quality photos and short clips, so enjoy busty Gillian Barnes, who is into public nudity. Imagine walking  into a Starbucks and catching this cute girl flashing her tits! Check our Gillian Barnes on Zishy. You will get more than you expect for on the site!

Meet Gillian Barnes!

Gillian Barnes Zishy Gillian Barnes public topless Gillian Barnes busty

On the opposite side of news, it is with great sadness that I have to confirm to you that Wendy Fiore announced that she will be having a breast reduction. While BoobsRealm.com wishes her the best on the decision, as it seems she will be happy without her legendary boobs, I think I expect on behalf of a vast majority that Wendy Fiore’s boobs will be missed. I know, she never showed the nipples, but still she has a great pair that are HUGE! All the best to Wendy and her husband, who may be getting the most out of those melons while he can. This is in the most respectful way, but I still have to call those big babies HUGE. As they are.

BoobsRealm.com wants to show with you the only video where we all could see a nipple saying “Hi” to the camera…

wendy fiore boobs

The infamous nip slip!



10 Replies to “Wendy Fiore breast reduction, shows nipples, meet Gillian Barnes

  1. She’s always saying she’s going to get a reduction because she’s neurotic and that pic is not even her one accidental nip slip which was from ages ago #linkbait

    1. @CCPony
      Nonsense. Have you seen her videos? Fake boobs don’t wobble like that in “waves”, implants have a different density than the surrounding tissue does. Plus, if she lays down on her back her boobs flatten dramatically, which implants won’t and can’t do.

      I’d say the same about this “news” btw. I read on her twitter she thinks about having a reduction whereas you guys make it look like she’s about to do it yesterday.

  2. Breast reduction without ever shown them, that real bad! Maybe they was fake and she does not wanted to show them. Surgeon can do amazing jobs these day and a girl with floppy tits have some free space already.

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