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Vote for Miss Boobs Realm Legend, the best busty girl of all time

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  1. boobgeek says:

    yes a legend category is a great idea. This is the hardest choice to make yet, I don’t have a favorite, but It would be terrible if I did not choose Milena Velba.

    1. JC says:

      It is a hard choice.. even for me…Let the best big boobs girl in history win!

    2. I Agree But you cannot ignore the British Beauty Rachel Aldana

  2. Walabiz says:

    Well… I would vote for Gianna Michaels!

  3. DarioGuti says:

    My vote is for Nadine Jansen. She is my first big boob love, and I’m a romantic 🙂 also, she has the perfect combination of beautiful face and huge, perfect boobs

    1. JC says:

      Nice. Any girl can win.. too many fan favorites!!

  4. edward says:

    hey ur missing aneta buena u.u oh well my vote is for bea flora

  5. DarioGuti says:

    I think a good idea could be a second round with the two most voted girls

  6. Dave says:

    Great list. But I think that Chloe Vevrier belongs to that list no less then any other girl.

    1. JC says:

      I think you are right. I missed her. I think she is active right? Doing one thing here and there. I will check, so if she has done at least one shoot she may enter Miss Boobs Realm 2016

  7. Enzo says:

    MILENA VELBA is the ultimate big boob legend!

  8. Clement says:

    Ala Passtel is the goddess, most beautiful to ever live. Many others on this list I love – Tanya Song, Faith, Hitomi Tanaka, Milena, Merilyn, Lucie Wilde – but none of them will ever top my goddess, love of my life, Ala.

    1. JC says:

      She is one of the cutest ever

  9. nsfan says:

    Wow, such a tough list to pick through. Might have been a little easier if set up like the other contests (i.e. round by round advancement). Wish some my favs made it like nicole peters and danni ashe, but maybe on the next go around. Anyway there is probably 9 or 10 of my top 25 in here so it will be so hard just to pick one

    1. JC says:

      Yeahh too many. On the survey some fans wanted Miss BoobsRealm to be a 1 group contest. I won’t do it for the yearly contest, but decided to do it for the legends one.

      1. nsfan says:

        ouch. one group makes it even more difficult. Do you plan on doing future
        contests just in different categories as well (for example best of whatever decade, best cam girl, best newcomer etc)?

        1. JC says:

          I am planning on having the Miss Boobs Realm 2016 contest in groups as the previous years. Not alphabetically. However, I may either run a Best Cam Girl contest in May which would be used to have a Best cam girl, but will also mean that half of the girl will advance to Miss Boobs Realm 2016.
          The categories are a good idea; however, there are so many cam girls that it would be a huge category.
          It will depend on how things develop. This years new mechanics for choosing qualifying girls to finals and winner will help to make the contest more legit on the eyes of everybody so maybe for 2017 -with more credibility- the contest can be bigger and have different winners.

  10. Otho says:

    What a mouthwatering list! At first, I tried to make a selection of just 5 starlets, which already proved to be an almost impossible task. I eventually ended up with Bea Flora, Christy Marks, Hitomi Tanaka, Tanya Song and Yulia Nova.

    After that it became really really difficult, but finally I decided to go for Christy Marks beacuse of that great combination of her voluptuous body (not just her boobs, but also her belly & booty) and her (both cute and naughty) girl-next-door looks.

    My personal Top 5 (of this list) would probably be: 1 Christy Marks 2 Bea Flora 3 Yulia Nova 4 Hitomi Tanaka and 5 Tanya Song.

  11. Shimbo says:

    Not one black model? No Sierra, No Ebony Ayes? No Carmen Hayes? No Maserati? This list is bollocks.

    1. JC says:

      Hi. They are great talent, but for Legendary status and cult following… I see Maserati could have been in the list… however, if you search forums and where these girls have been featured on you see the exposure that these girls had has been huge

  12. ca uk says:

    Absolutely impossible task jc and yes some of the greatest big tittters are on this list. Im going for linsey dawn mckenzie because I think she took the big tit scene to the next level and was scores pin up for many years. I followed her right from the start and had her first magazine appearance in club magazine and became obssesed from then.

  13. Jim Beaumont says:

    My Vote has to be for Yulia Nova. Perfect in every respect, Not to slim, not to Heavy, beautiful body, Looks like an innocent kind of girl. Not flamboyant. Not to shy, Lovely smile, beautiful long legs. nice little butt. breasts not to overly big, lovely long hair. What more can I say. She is Perfect.

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