Interview with Darcie Dolce

darcie dolce interview
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  1. Spike says:

    Really disappointed you didnt ask her about her background/ethnicity. With her beautiful exotic looks it would’ve been nice to know

    1. JC says:

      I find her really beautiful. It would have been an interesting question, but the fact is that she is gorgeous and sexy. Keep checking out the blog and I will get you the answer…

  2. yoyo says:

    nice. can you go back to asking the spit swallow facial comment in the interviews?

    1. JC says:

      LOL… I tend to ask them, but I am positive you will get your answer in 2016 if you know what I mean.

  3. ca uk says:

    Great interview jc, your getting quite the expert now

    1. JC says:

      Thanks! Some great surprises in the coming weeks!

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