Jennette McCurdy topless scene on Nickelodeon

Jennette McCurdy leaked

We have seen tons of celebrities leaked nudes. However, not many people have paid attention to Jennette McCurdy’s topless scene on PG show iCarly. Yes. She and Miranda Crosgrove did a topless scene where they were fighting over a dress. Both celebrities were topless, however the camera caught Sam -Jennette McCurdy’s character- nude and showed her big nipple on cam. This scene was not edited out and was aired on Nickelodeon and other affiliate networks.  Was this intentional? There are spoofs.. but scenes are edited and go through many eyes to avoid mistakes… plus this was  a PG show… anyway… thanks!!

Enjoy this hidden gem

Jennette McCurdy topless on Nickelodeon
Jennette McCurdy topless on Nickelodeon

And also below you can find the leaked Jennette McCurdy Nudes that everybody has seen

Jennette MCurdy toplessJennette McCurdy leaked
Do you remember the Fappening and Jennifer Lawrence facial?

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