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Zoey James loves BoobsRealm, Beth Lily nude, Leanne Crow Tessa Fowler retires from cam

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  1. boobgeek says:

    Darn, to bad Tessa will no longer do MFC. From my experience with seeing her on cam has been very positive and she puts on a good show. Now that being said, also while being a member of her site, makes me scratch my head and wonder why is this not on her website? not that anything Tessa did was anything far over the top, but it does make me wish I got that level of content in her site. But to be honest that goes with any model who decides to do both MFC and their own site. MFC is fantastic for the big name stars like Tessa and Leanne and Antonella, gives the fans a chance to interact and thank them, which for me is satisfying. For as long as webcams are existing, webcam capture programs will be there also unfortunately. Until the websites can detect it in use.
    Oh, yes Beth lily is always stunning!
    sorry for the long post

  2. Shinji Ikari says:

    I think Tessa just hates to interact with her fans. No one is posting her videos since she complained about it on reddit.

    1. JC says:

      Not sure if she hates it. She seemed happy on cam

    2. Richardr says:

      I think she’s very happy to interact. Having had the pleasure of a cam show with her, I can attest to that. And people are still posting her videos. They’re all over torrent sites and on tube sites as well. I’m not saying it’s all guys doing it, but it only takes a small number to ruin her day and ours.

      1. Shinji Ikari says:

        She tweets two times a month, she comes on reddit only to delete messages on her page, she’s never on periscope, she doesn’t thank people who buy her things on amazon, she doesn’t use snapchat even if people paid for it, she doesn’t answer to emails, messages on reddit or comments on her website, she says “I will be on cam tomorrow” and then she shows up after two months sayin’ it again and after three months we find out through a third party blog that she won’t ever be on cam. It kinda sucks to be her fan.

        About the file sharing: all her cam videos on the internet come from the same source, it’s a bot that saves and uploads EVERY cam show on mfc and chaturbate since 2012. None of the fans watching her live is involved in this, she can’t blame us. And it happened from the beginning.

  3. ca uk says:

    Im semi-retired so finacial restraints prevent me from getting involved with the girls on cam but I do definitely want to cam with leanne crow at some point, its an ambition of mine!!! Yes thats a shame tessa is pulling out and must be very disappointing for her regular fans, I guess there will always be people out there who will spoil it for others as its the nature of the internet and the industry. Im sure she will be back at some point.
    lovely clip of beth lily, incredible tits!!!!

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