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Jumping on the Let’s bash James Deen bandwagon

angela white anal
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  1. ca uk says:

    Some serious stuff here jc and not something I could comment on!!!!! However I do like to see interacial and yes its something many like to see. I started watching porn in the early to mid seventies and remember interacial was almost taboo back then and something we all enjoyed seeing. Its interesting that it still holds that similar excitement. My favourite black performer is shane diesal as I thi k he takes the girls to a next level
    in their indurance. Id like to see shane with leanne crow

  2. Jake says:

    Who was the guy that hurt Cassandra?

  3. James says:

    The “funny” thing about IR is that one performer has to be black.

    An asian + a White is rarely considered IR. Same thing with a Latin + a white

    ” I do believe that porntars have to have a voice when choosing who they will fuck. Whatever the reason is, they should express it respectfully and not be pressured by producers. ”
    => true, but looks “really” like the reasons for never wanting to do IR is racism…

  4. a says:

    IR is a career killer. Girls get more money for it because of this. Because no one wants to do it because it is a career ender. Black owned studios like Dog Fart pay girls less per scene than other studios. Then the girls get pigeonholed into only being able to work IR. I’m ok with not seeing a girl get “destroyed”. Also, James Deen fucking sucks and probably raped Stoya.

    1. JC says:

      I Don’t think it is a career killer, however, I do agree it can affect the way some girls are booked after it. Not a racist thing, but IR is considered as “being a step further”. It is considered a natural progression: solo-> girl/girl -> b/g -> anal -> IR
      Some people may blame the industry, but it is the fans who demand it. Many fans ask for IR and refer to black guys. I have never read anything from any fan asking “When do you fuck an asian?”, so I think that fans are also under the impression that gangbangs, IR, anal are specialty scenes.

      On the other hand, there are girls who are used to do IR since the get go. NOthing wrong with it, but unfortunately, fandom aside, which one of those is a top pornstar to the eyes of the fans. Do Not get me wrong, nothing wrong with it, but it seems that either Deen does not understand his audience or just wanted to play “the good guy”

      1. James says:

        ” Many fans ask for IR and refer to black guys. I have never read anything from any fan asking “When do you fuck an asian?” ”
        => exacly !
        I even read once a case of a mixed girl (I can’t remember who) saying she wouldn’t do IR ! By that she meant : “no black guys”

        I think the term “IR” is used to try to hide the racism.
        I don’t do IR sounds “better” or more “politically correct” than I don’t fuck black guys

        Maybe sometime it’s a career move, but that would be very naiive to think that there is just that !

  5. ca uk says:

    Some interesting comments here, its certainly opened a debate that ive never really considered before now. I tend to agree with A that girls can get pigeonholed, a couple of examples being samantha 38g, sara jay and kayla kleevage. But its certainly not damaged their career in any way and these girls remain very popular among the big tit community. Some intelligent comments here jc it seems that the sort of peopke that visit boobsrealm certainly know what their talking about. Ha ha unlike the immature kids over at boobieblog

    1. JC says:

      thanks for the support. boobieblog istill nice tho.

      I don’t think there is a rule of thumb, but nowadays there is some trend. Sara Jay, samantha 38g have been around long time enough. not sure when they started IR but sarah has been a big name and right now is in a better position calling her shots.
      like I said, we can’t generalize but there seems to be a trend.
      girls are not racist for refusing IR but probably some might be. however, there is nothing wrong about choosing who you wanna fuck.

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