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Sensual Jane, Tessa Fowler and Boobs Realm 2016 news

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  1. Jorge says:

    Have to go with Sensual Jane. The way she carries herself in her work is what her name says- sensual. I love her face and tits. She is hardcore but “soft” at the same time if it makes any sense. I love that most of her B/G scenes end with cum over her tits. Facials are great and she has had a massive one before, but her tits make a great canvas that pairs amazingly with jizz (see the first gif). My favorite scenes of hers are when she pairs with Chris Cumshot (a guy that lives up to his name). Both have made great scenes with anal sex. She doesn’t go too hardcore as much as I wished . But somehow that just makes me want to see more. And we never know what tomorrow could bring.

  2. boobfan2k says:

    I have to admit that both Sensual Jane and Tessa has kept me quite busy, but for different reasons. Jane has done some wanktastic hardcore scenes, whereas Tessa is just irresistible with that face, smile and smoking hot big tits.

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