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  1. james says:

    People usually don’t care about the consequence of stealing regular movies. So, good luck for explaining that for porn stuff.
    It’s not an industry considered worth saving, plus actors / actresses keep coming and going, just like the employees at Mc Donald’s, and with today’s technology there has never been so much content available.

    “You complain about your 30 bucks membership, but fail to realize why the price can’t be lower.”
    => OK, so what if we take the example of the BustyBuffy website. Who in their right mind would pay 30$/month for a website that update once every blue moon instead of just the 1$ trial ?

    If you charge 30$ a month be sure to update at the very least twice a week (so people doesn’t wonder why it cost more than an HBO subscription but without the story telling, the dialogues, the expensive settings, etc.)

    That discussion is very interesting, thanks for launching it

    1. ravenazrael says:

      Hey James. Why would people steal from companies, but would really complain and cursed everyone if they get robbed at home or somebody steals money from them. I guess it is that many people are ignorant and hypocrate.
      If it is an industry “not worth saving: what the hell are you doing visiting a blog that,by association, is not worth reading either. With all due respect, you can kindly go fuck yourself.
      Regarding the BustyBuffy site. The site has not updated regularly but it did have tons of content way before. If people would have opted for the year membership it would be really worth it. Hell, you complain about not seeing Lucie Wilde again. GUess what. People stole the scenes and posted them online. How the hell would Lucie Wilde would be paid to do more scenes if the company was not making enough money? If sites are not able to shoot content often, look at the mirror first and wonder why they have less money. On the other side, there are tons of websites. Really established and reputable ones, whose people work hard to deliver a new product on at least a weekly basis. What is the excuse for all of you now?
      $30 is not the price somebody pulled out of his ass. There is a cost structure and a market price. I don’t know where you work, but look at whatever product you sell or service you provide…why you charge that amount of money? Why not less?

      1. James says:

        First, keep calm !
        I never said “i” think it’s an industry that’s not worth saving, but that’s it’s “considered” not worth saving (am i wrong ?!)

        So “thank you” for the “i can fuck myself”, I merely tried to explain why people act the way they do.
        I personally pay for my movies and music, but I’m not stupid, I won’t pay 30$/month for something that (no longer) worth it (that’s why I took the BustyBuffy website example), but other websites totally worth that price.

        I was trying to have a discussion here, looks like it’s not the right place. To bad…

        1. JC says:

          Hello. I apologize if you took it the wrong way. Your comment did not state it was not your opinion that the industry was not worth saving, but somebody else’s. I have nothing against you, however, if you would have seen the way I took your comment on my shoes, or anybody supporting the industry you would have understood it.
          Like I said, Busty Buffy is one among thousands of thousands of sites. You can

          1. James says:

            No harm done.
            Like you said, if one is reading your blog, that means he care (i do ^^)
            Anyway, thanks for giving us informations / news about this world.

          2. JC says:

            Believe… there is people that just drop comments or email me for bashing me because I don’t post free videos. tube sites can be really profitable and I am sure I could make good money with them, but I don’t want to harm the industry. BTW, not all tubes are bad. Some are good for promotion purposes, but most of them show the full content for free.
            Back to the topic, thanks for your comments. I hope you enjoy the blog, subscribe to the newsletter. In the coming days: Interview with Lottii Rose, Fiona Siciliano, KatKittie Sauce, plus the long awaited AVN material from XXcel, Sophie Dee, Angela White, Angel De Luca, Anri Okita and many more..

  2. you lying cunt says:

    merilyn retired because she had her tits cut off you fuckwit

    1. JC says:

      she retired from modeling before that. happy new year. love getting this messages from guys who think they know just because they fap to the models.
      did she tell you that? oh sorry I forgot you were the one who chatted with her on messenger and the one who she wanted to administer her site

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