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Woodman makes Viola Baileys cum, MissBoobsRealm, Shione Cooper on LegalPorno

Viola Bailey cums Woodman
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  1. bassist75 says:

    I have a feeling Pierre’s video of the casting will fall short of expectations. Are we really seeing something new? Do I really want to see Viola being “shagged” by an old codger as the camera sits motionless on the dresser table? Not really. Are we being conned into collectively paying for Pierre’s next Ferrari. Me think so!!
    Viola could have done so much better from the start. Here’s hoping her hotel-room beginnings with the Frenchman will be elevated into true stardom with a studio that can actually shoot porn without the viewer getting a headache.

  2. Mark says:

    She’s wasting herself on Woodman. She need to work with only the best sites…

  3. Jorge says:

    How did I miss that video of Shione? Shione instantly became one of my all time favorites after she did a bukkake years ago with putalocura. A lot of hot big natural boobs models and pornstars out there but to me they look way hotter when their body is drenched in cum the way Shione did. But apart from rare bukkake, I mostly watch anal porn and I’ve only seen a couple with Shione. Now it appears she took two dicks at the same time and with anal. And she really has retired, I am thankful for the work she has left for us. What a great find.

  4. wakkawakka says:

    Jesus christ man, that’s not a girl cumming, it’s a girl being fucked in the asshole and feeling pain.

    1. ravenazrael says:

      Hmm let’s wait and see =)

  5. darkness says:

    any news about velba milena

    1. ravenazrael says:

      She is shooting with Katerina and other girls.

      1. darkness says:

        which other girls? You know any names of them

  6. bassist75 says:

    What would REALLY impress is Woodman releasing his casting…and guess what…Viola get’s dp gangbanged. What we have seen is pics of Pierre fucking Viola (boring). But wouldn’t it be cool if that was just the warm up, and the boys walk in. WOW. Could it happen????

    1. ravenazrael says:

      Nope. It did not happen that way. That was not supposed to be a scene for the site

  7. bassist75 says:

    I’m amazed then that for all the time and effort Pierre invested in Viola; the house visits, the nights out, the Dorcel party and God knows what else that his signature dp gangbang wasn’t optioned. Disappointed!!

  8. bassist75 says:

    “Nope. It did not happen that way. That was not supposed to be a scene for the site”

    …says who exactly??

  9. Mark says:

    Any chance of getting Leanne Crow for interview?

  10. bassist75 says:

    From reading the Viola forum on Woodman’s site, one perceptive member stumbled upon a theory, that in Pierre’s casting routine, certain elements were “missing” from the usual formula with Viola; WUNF and the like. He eluded to more material that could be in the works referencing a scene with “Woodman’s boys”. Pierre replied, “you are very clever or know something”.


  11. bassist75 says:

    From reading the thread on the Frenchlad’s site, it seems that Viola’s coveted, pirate-proof, wunderkind, sex-with-old-man video has sparked controversy already in that the footage is so locked down by user-unfriendly streaming that, instead of reveling, most customers are whining about the inability to view this seamlessly. Not only has Woodman HACKED A FORTUNE for this year-old footage, he’s turned the whole thing into a farce. Why did Viola ever set foot on his doorstep??? Go-pro Viola. Dorcel will present you to the world in style! 🙂

  12. I miss sooo bad, Shione Cooper u.u

  13. boobmaister says:

    Me too, Shione is the best!

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