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Viola Bailey, Joey Fisher with a man, Katerina milking, new Lucie Wilde video

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  1. Kler says:

    Any news on haley cummings return?

    1. ravenazrael says:

      Nope. Seems she is doing ocasional camshows and private videos

  2. darkness says:

    interview with milena velba please!!!

    1. ravenazrael says:

      I would love to, but Milena has rejected the offer

        1. ravenazrael says:

          She is not a fan of the blog and porn

          1. darkness says:

            ok we know that Milena is not a fan of this blog and it is difficult I can do hardcore but still she should give an interview to know more about her and her future plans on its website .

  3. bassist75 says:

    I think that while Woodman was the one to get Viola into the public eye, he has now undone what was a “sure thing”. I kind of wish now that Viola bypassed the grumpy Frenchman in favor of a more professional studio like Dorcel or Harmony. This seems to have descended into a farce in which poor Viola’s reputation is being dented. Today we’re at 29% credits on Woodman’s site. A hefty gamble that hasn’t paid off in the slightest. How could it? Lazy members are just waiting while the gullible ones are paying. Go figure. He paraded her round his home in a very Lolita-esque scenario. Creepy. Poor boyfriend, what a torture to endure. Would I let my girl near him?? Not on your life!!!

  4. bassist75 says:

    And why this video??? His entire back catalogue is up for grabs anyway. Exactly HOW MUCH did this video cost to make? Talk about squeezing the dollars out the tube!

  5. bassist75 says:

    I’m deeply concerned that Viola will turn her back on us again as Woodman “un-manages” her prospects, elevating his next video to almost blockbuster expectation, all the while berating his loyal members and arousing suspicion that Viola and he are conspiring to bleed the thing dry. The forum on his site reveals a similar picture as fans of Viola are quickly losing their patience with the so-called ass-whisperer. And not just Viola…his updates with the likes of Jemma Valentine, Kira Hot are vaulted until further notice under the apprehension that he is too busy to edit and publish. Well, instead of scurrying around Europe’s backstreets casting waifs, sit down, edit and honor your fans Pierre.

  6. Shmoo_usn says:

    Sorry, maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t get the whole fascination with chicks lactating. Was bummed to hear Katerina Hartlova had gotten pregnant (knowing what it would wind up doing to her body in the process), and the hardcore shots/videos during this timeframe were something of a turnoff. Only hope she gets her body back to where it was before….but that’s just my 2 cents worth.

  7. bassist75 says:

    Any news on Viola’s comeback?

    1. ravenazrael says:

      I heard she is shooting solo.. rumor is she will shoot bg for Dorcel with BF, however, I can’t confirm 100%

  8. boobfan2k says:

    Lucie Wilde’s latest scene has been posted on ddfnetwork.

    1. ravenazrael says:

      Yep.. and there will be more soon

      1. james says:

        A “real” new one or one that’s been shot a full year ago like the one they just released ?

        1. ravenazrael says:

          Apparently new ones…

  9. bassist75 says:

    The initial rumour was that yes, Viola will shoot with b/f for the initial scenes and then move onto real stuff with pro performers which I would love to see finally. OK sure, she’s back and that’s awesome. But with b/f in tow again? REALLY? That’s not really porn is it? It’s watching a couple fuck..a real couple which is something entirely different. I had a feeling that when “the Frenchman” took her to Dorcel’s party that she might get scooped up by them. Woop woop! A good move for her. 🙂 DP and Gangbangs please Mr Dorcel!!!

  10. daniel says:

    lucie wilde’s website bustybuffy.com stop releasing videos for weeks.what happen ?

    1. ravenazrael says:

      She shot that content last year. She has taken a break, but I am sure there is content on both ddf and bustybuffy

      1. james says:

        A “break” ? Lol, she retired almost a year ago

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