Newcomer Amanda Loves huge boobs on cosmid

As soon as I posted the the poll to know what newcomer you like the most a new busty girl showed up in the big boobs scene. Cosmid, which was under my radar for a long time after Emily Born and Charlotte Knight departures has nailed it again. Emily Born is gone, but Amanda Love has arrived. Amanda’s tits may not be as fat and rounded as Emily’s, but are are huge as her owner’s head, too. The busty young lady strips and lets her bra -which she can use as hammock- to reveal her massive breasts. You can check some samples here, but keep in mind that Amanda Love undresses in a video and plays with her big udders.

Do you think Amanda Love may become the new Busty Queen of Cosmid? DO you think she can be one of the best in this year?




6 Replies to “Newcomer Amanda Loves huge boobs on cosmid

  1. Damn, she is amazing. Let’s just hope for more updates and that she doesn’t quit because of the exposure

    1. She requested the removal. She is even considered retiring from MFC if fans keep on recording and sharing her stuff =(. I want her online so better make the girl happy.

      1. Well things like that are just never going to go away. She’s already all over the internet. All media is like that now, not just dirty pictures/video.

        At least on MFC you’re not doing anything you don’t want to do for free

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