My interview on SexCraftBoobs, new Tiffany Cappotelli hardcore

I am really honored that fellow blogger J’ Angelo interviewed me for his blog I am really flattered that this small blog has inspired somebody to create a site and do what he wants and share it with the fans. I really enjoyed answering the questions and I really think that you should keep an eye on Sexcraftboobs as it features the best BBW girls on the planet. The owner not only promotes scenes but he also has managed to interview the likes of Mexxican Beauty, Delz Angel, Sarah Rae, Harlow Nyx, Roxanne Miller and many more. I always wanted to share some info about me, so you could know something more about the man behind the blog. The interview proposal came some time ago, so I was more than glad to share it. You can check my interview on this link

Let me share with you this exclusive photos of Katerina Hartlova. Enjoy! Her agency sent it to me long time ago, but I never shared them.

kat1 kat91

Note: I did not mention it on the interview, but I think it is worth noting that I used to go by the handle of raven_azrael or ravenazrael on twitter and forums -I still do in some- because that was a username I started using on non porn sites. I never thought the blog was going to grow, so I kept it. Last year I decided to change my twitter handle to BoobsRealm. I think it is more appropriate. I like the name Raven; actually Raven and Azrael were characters I created for a story I wrote and I am re-writing. I also got to meet people from the industry; so I think it would be kind of weird call somebody with a Spanish accent “Raven”. It also did not sound that legit when I was introducing myself to people on the industry.

On a side not, busty Tiffany Cappotelli and her boyfriend are showing again her sexual activities. I am not sure why Tiffany turned down Scoreland, as she wanted to be recognized as a “real model”  and now she has hardcore photos with her boyfriend all over the internet. Anyway, keep on doing it Tiffany. I think I am not only wrong saying that we all would you to see more photos of you getting naugthy. A video would be very welcome… and TWO personal requests: A titfuck and a facial =).

Tiffany-Capotelli-fucks-boyfriend Tifanny-cappotelli-blowjob Tiffany-cappotelli-hardcorepg


4 Replies to “My interview on SexCraftBoobs, new Tiffany Cappotelli hardcore

    1. So odd that models do this. She’s not the first one either who wanted to be known as a nude model but then they turn down offers from major websites which could also pay quite well…then they give away stuff like this for free. WTF? Tiffany please work with Score and DDF busty!Start your own website too. You have a lot of fans who are ready willing to pay.

  1. Hi there 🙂 This is all so interesting to read and search the blogs about me. I turned down all porn because I have no interest in it at all. I have a normal job 9-5 and a spicy sex life on the side with the person I love, my boyfriend, my bestfriend and the only guy I’ve been with since February 13, 2014. We snapchat to allow people into our lives on our everyday life. We have our private tumblr because we want to share with everyone how sexy we feel. And i still do feel like a real model why because I didn’t get sucked into the porn industry just like most of the nude models. I am taking explicit photos and 10 second videos with my boyfriend. The guy who I love. Not some stranger. Isn’t it sexy to see a connection in photos and videos instead of watching porn of two people, one guy is hard only because of viagra or something and the girl is faking her moans because that is what she has to do. That is her living. Yup, sounds real hot. I am not against porn… I am always on Tumblr scrolling through ass and titties but that lifestyle is not for me. I like working a normal 9-5 job. In reality I am an office manager.

    1. Thanks for the insight and taking a time to write a comment on the blog. Wish you the best and I hope I can have an interview with you

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