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My interview on SexCraftBoobs, new Tiffany Cappotelli hardcore

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  1. Jonas says:

    Tiffany turned down Scoreland??? Very bad decision… πŸ™

    1. TittyFiend says:

      So odd that models do this. She’s not the first one either who wanted to be known as a nude model but then they turn down offers from major websites which could also pay quite well…then they give away stuff like this for free. WTF? Tiffany please work with Score and DDF busty!Start your own website too. You have a lot of fans who are ready willing to pay.

  2. Hi there πŸ™‚ This is all so interesting to read and search the blogs about me. I turned down all porn because I have no interest in it at all. I have a normal job 9-5 and a spicy sex life on the side with the person I love, my boyfriend, my bestfriend and the only guy I’ve been with since February 13, 2014. We snapchat to allow people into our lives on our everyday life. We have our private tumblr because we want to share with everyone how sexy we feel. And i still do feel like a real model why because I didn’t get sucked into the porn industry just like most of the nude models. I am taking explicit photos and 10 second videos with my boyfriend. The guy who I love. Not some stranger. Isn’t it sexy to see a connection in photos and videos instead of watching porn of two people, one guy is hard only because of viagra or something and the girl is faking her moans because that is what she has to do. That is her living. Yup, sounds real hot. I am not against porn… I am always on Tumblr scrolling through ass and titties but that lifestyle is not for me. I like working a normal 9-5 job. In reality I am an office manager.

    1. ravenazrael says:

      Thanks for the insight and taking a time to write a comment on the blog. Wish you the best and I hope I can have an interview with you

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